Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little Sister Style

                                                  Guess what! This post is about our little sisters!
Remember the photo-shoot we did at our aunt's beautiful red barn? We took these photos that same day but haven't gotten around to posting them 'til now! The backdrop for their outfits is an 1800's cement raised garden bed. It comes in handy when you own as many goats as our aunt, especially when they all seem to be escape artists! [Or is that assumption just towards goats in general?]  Now: on with the show!!

                                                                         First up is Melody!

 Mel's favorite colors are green and pink! So whenever she wears them she wears them to the extreme! {Extreme perfection that is!}

                                                                        She picked out her whole outfit alone!

 Black leather danskoes: gift from Mom- Amazon $30 // Jean leggings: Meijers- $4 \\ Green skirt: gift from Bekah // Black undershirt: ? \\ Green button up: gift from Mom // Pink head scarf bow: borrowed from Cassie \\

 Peter trying to deter us from taking his picture:

Next is Emma's adorable outfit!

 Boots: handed down // brown ruffled skirt: gift from Bekah \\ Blue v-neck undershirt: gift from Grandma // Polka-dot quarter-sleeve: gift from Bekah \\ Denim cap: handed down from Bekah

                                  Emma got this purple cape for Christmas from Mom and Dad! [She loves it!]

                                                                      Emma picked out her own outfit too! ;-)

 This was one of the most beautiful days last winter! {Looking back on winter anyway!}

Aren't they just darlin'?
So, yesterday was pretty fun at our house, or should I say away from our house? First we went to an Amish Bulk Foods Store about a half hour away from our house [Through some really pretty farmland], and then we got to go to Lake MI for me to photograph the beautiful sunset!  Why I'm talking about all this is I'm wondering if y'all would be interested in seeing a few of those pictures. {Please tell me yes or no below...} I also took some gorgeous [If I do say so myself!] shots of a glorious sunset reflecting on our swampland! Those would also be included in the post as well...

Thanks so much for reading! 

Would you enjoy more little sister outfits or not?
What beautiful things of nature have you witnessed recently?

                                                                 Time to head off to church!



  1. oh, i'd love to see some pictures of your little trip (you know how i like sunsets). Please do not hesitate on posting about it :)
    But these are wonderful photos here. Your little sisters are so cute! i also love the blue of the sky against the white of the snow, and then the bright colors in their outfits. How good they are at picking out their own!
    Also, in the picture of Emma sitting on the chair, i just have to mention that that's a beautiful old farm house! i love it!
    have a great weekend and thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for commenting Abigail! I will do the post! ;-) I love my aunt's house too! She said I can inherit from her if I want! ;-) ~Rebebkah

  2. Your sisters look cute! I really like Melody's skirt and Emma's cape. :)
    And yes, I would like to see those photos! :D We just got back from a trip and I got to see a waterfall, mountains, beautiful trees and rocky crags. :)

    1. Sounds beautiful! I've never seen a real waterfall. Only a 2 foot tall one! I will post the pictures next week for sure! ~R.

  3. I would definitely love to see the pictures from your trip! Oh, and I would also love to see more of your little sister's outfits. They did a great job with what they picked out by the way; both of their outfits are as cute as they are! I have to say though, my favorite part of both their outfits is their skirts. I especially love Melody's! Did one of you girls make her skirt? I was just wondering, because it's sooo pretty; it actually reminds me of the kinds I like to make--I posted about one here:

    As for the nature question, I don't recall having witnessed something worth mentioning recently. Spring always brings pretty much the same things down here in Texas--all of which I don't view as particularly beautiful.

    Hope you have a nice day!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks for commenting Esther! No, we didn't make the skirt. It is 'Candies' brand. ;-)

  4. Oh how lovely they look! I would love to see more 'little sister style' photos as well as the ones from you little trip! What did you get at the Amish store?

  5. Hi Grace! Thanks for your comment and feedback!

    We were able to get some bulk spices and special cooking items that are usually over priced or hard to find.
    I also picked up some of their bobby pins that are especially long and secure! I was really happy that they had those there. But that was basically the only wearables that were available.

    the Elder Sister and Writer

  6. Oh my goodness! They are just darling! So cute....there outfits are both lovely! Looks all of you have a wonderful sense of style! ;D


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