Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo-a-Day || April || Week Eleven

Friday: Kenzie watching Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings, a silly song. [Anybody got a water buffalo?]
Saturday: a Sabbath sunrise!

Sunday: church time!
Monday: Cassie received her order of clothes from ThrepUp! 
Tuesday: Em and Mel put up the trampoline all alone! [With permission.]
Wednesday: our new car! It is a big blessing: it get 32 m.p.g.!!! [And our van only gets 12!]  Especially since Peter's baseball practice starts up soon and is a half hour away!  YAY!     ;-)
Thursday: a surprise! Mom got Cassie and I a brand-new iPhone!  Prepare for clearer photos!  ;-D   The phone in the corner is one we've shared for almost 4 years! [Don't ask me why I used the lime as a photo-prop. I just thought it would look nice!]

Today: the last bit of snow in our front yard!

This week has been fairly exciting! A new phone and a new car!     ;-)     Now I'm heading off to mess around with our new technology, and finish my schoolwork. 

                                                                                              What's been new or exciting about your week?
                                                                                                        How much snow is left on your property?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Cassie!
    another great set of photos. i love taking pictures of regular things that i encounter in my daily life. Just recently i was looking back through a set from a few years ago and it was almost like going back in time. There were pictures not just of beautiful and unique things, but simple things that i was into at the time and appreciated then.
    we don't have any snow left in my part of Kansas, but i'm sure you're glad yours is melting with spring!

  2. I love Silly Songs with Larry!!! Everybody's got a water-buffalo!
    Very nice pictures! I always enjoy your Photo-a-Day!

  3. Hey! We girls have the same phone as you two :) Too cool :D Congrats on the new car, as well!


  4. Why did you use a lime as a photo prop? ;) I'm just kidding!! Beautiful photos, gals! I'm sure you are very excited about your new car and phone! They both look lovely....Isn't receiving your ThredUP order so fun?! I was so excited when mine finally came in the took a while! I love following your blog, always have such lovely posts! God bless!

  5. Yay for a new iphone!! I have an iPhone 5c, too and I really like it!! :)

  6. I'm curious... Is your family going to the NGJ shindig in NC in September? I know you mentioned it once. My sisters and I are going, Lord willing.

    1. We would really love to, but it's probably not going to happen. It would be so fun to meet you! But we have a lot on our plate this year and are still saving up for our mission trip in June. Thanks for commenting Hannah!

  7. Beautiful photos as always, Rebekah. :) How exciting for you to get a new car and a new phone! :D
    We went on a short trip this week to attend a conference on Creation and end times. More on that later. ;)


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