Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Button-Up | 3 Days | Day One

Hey all! I'm feeling a bit behind in the blogging world this week, so hopefully this challenge will get my thoughts back on track!

SO- yes, this challenge! If you have been in the modest fashion blogging sphere for any length of time, I'm positive that you have been introduced to some of our leading role-models who are the lovely hosts of this event, Fresh Modesty, Bramblewood Fashion, Creations by Callie, and the dear Boyer Family Singers. The basic idea, is to choose one button up shirt and share your outfit creations each day for three days!
After many hums and haws, I chose this denim snap-up (hopefully that still counts :)) for my shirt. Since I usually am one who wears denim as a bottom half, unless I throw on a jean jacket, I thought it would put a better emphasis on being an actual challenge.

I wore this for Dutch Heritage Show rehearsal on Tuesday night. It was just the perfect outfit that I have been looking for! Practical shoes, full skirt, comfortable and longer shirt- I just untied it when it come to dancing time! It proved to be a wonderful combo!  :)
You don't mind if I talk about these shoes for a sec do you? I found them while thrifting (I think that may be the most used sentence on this blog) a few weeks ago. Originally they had brown elastic for the laces. Though I liked them, I was having second thoughts about buying them, then my Mom and I looked at each other and said "Why not just replace that with what-ever when-ever?" So I decided to take the plunge and spend the astounding $3 and see what would happen.
Let's just say that I am glad that I ended up bringing these home! Switching out the ties with the fabric of my choice is going to be a fun option.
 Shoes- Blowfish brand thrifted $3 // Slip- made by me // Skirt and Shirt- borrowed from Bek thrifted at $4 each // Undershirt- thrifted $2
So yes, I think that this turned out fairly well! I don't necessarily adore it, per se, but it was right for the occasion and a start to this link-up!

And a thank you to each of you who have given your kind words to us about our new design! I have been so anxious to publish the new look! Hopefully we will be able to get the colors to match up a little better or that our template designer will will atop being stubborn and turn the sidebar white! All in time.

                                                                   Are you joining the challenge?
                                                                   How do you like this ensemble?



  1. What a great idea with your shoes! I think your outfit looks great! I mentioned to another blogger that I love the way maxi skirts go with both casual and dressy outfits. I am doing this challenge as well. You can find me over at I'm looking forward to seeing how you style your top tomorrow! :)

  2. I've been somewhat behind on blogging so I'm just now seeing the new layout, I love it! It looks so perfect for you girls. :)

    I was planning on joining in but I only have one button up and it's too small. :( I'm looking forward to seeing how y'all style your outfits!

  3. Those shoes are so fun Cassie! Can't wait to see your outfit for day two!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Very cute, Cassie! I'd be interested in hearing more about the Dutch Heritage Show and the dances involved. I dance English Country and Scottish Country dances; is Dutch similar?
    God Bless,

    1. Hi Natalie!
      If you missed out on some of our posts on the Heritage show click on the label 'Tulip Time' and you can get the full scoop!

      I am not certain if the dances are very much similar, but knowing what I do I'd say they are the closest ones out there to each other. There is alot of hand clapping, turning, swaying, hopping, skipping, and kicking. :)

      the Elder Sister and writer


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