Friday, April 4, 2014

April || Photo-a-Day || Week Ten

Friday: Peter's new pony league bat - of course we didn't pay full price! We payed 1/4 of the original price: $25! A huge blessing!

Saturday: one of many card games that occupied our Saturday Sabbath Meeting fellowshipping time and the evening following at a friend's house! Have you ever played this? As it says,"It's the world's liveliest trading game!"

Sunday: these are all things I read Sunday afternoon. [The farm article is about the blueberry farm Cass and I work at.]
Monday: our dog the squirrel-watcher.

Tuesday: a collage of our day- our Mom in the church office, a flag, a book heart, me, Goodwill, yummy chocolate, a classic oldsmobile, the family racing to the van out of the library, Mackenzie with her doll, and an apple!

Wednesday: made 500 dozen pig-in-the-blankets for Tulip Time! {And got up at 6:30 a.m. to do it!}
Thursday: a self-portrait in the woods...

Today: Havah and her new hay rack. [ Don't know why her head looks so out of proportion!]
This was a busy week! Not to mention that our computer was down for 3 days so I couldn't download any photos 'til yesterday!  On a side note, do you all like it better when I do collages of the day or just a single picture?

Cassie will be posting later today with her second Button Up Challenge outfit so we'll be having four posts in just 3 days!    ;-)  Hopefully I will be able to get a funk + fab post done relatively soon, plan on it next Tuesday!  I certainly have enough funky things!  Here's a sample: Have you ever picked up an up-side-down bucket and a large duck flies out at you?? Been there, done that!

Thanks for reading!

                                                                         Do you have any siblings in sports?
                                                                                            What's the earliest you got up this week?


  1. Oh, I love Pit! That's such a fun game to play with a big group, but noisy too. :) Looks you had a busy week!

    1. We love it too! We have a set from 1914 and a set from 1957 that we use! ~Rebekah


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