Thursday, April 24, 2014

Outfit // Almost Here Darling

Boy, have I missed you all! Since our 'tragedy' that Rebekah wrote about in our last post, we ended up deciding that it would be far too much trouble to blog on this little contraption. Seeing that the pictures we had our posts planned around for this week had already been down loaded to our laptop and just the fact that the format of this thing is so wacky, lead us to these delays- just in case you have been worried about us. :)

I must say, that though I am a very list-oriented person and having this week's blogging schedule completely vanish has been disconcerting, not being able to tell you all my thoughts on your posts has been more frustrating! I have been reading your posts as usual, but for some reason this little laptop struggles to keep our google account signed in, making it very hard to leave a comment. Anywho- be prepared to have your comment stats skyrocket as soon as we finally receive our new charging cord. And shall we all take a second to pray that this one doesn't start smoking? Thanks, I think that would be a good idea!

 I wore this darling dress for church services week before last. Finding it was fabulous! For four dollars? I'll take it!

Though I loved it, it did need some alterations. It had an even more scooped neckline which I already don't like, but this one tended to gape a lot making the bust line fall in the wrong spot. So I just made the straps shorter! Yay for easy-peasy alterations!

I do think taking in the sides and the back darts will help out in making it fit even better, but that will have to be a future project.

 Shoes- Ariat brand, thrifted $3 // Slip- made by me // Dress- Perspective brand, thrifted $4 // Shirt- thrifted ages ago $3 ? // Headscarf- gifted from a friend

Instead of putting a sweater over top of the dress, I decided to wear it more as a jumper. I'm so glad that I never got rid of this shirt! It has a really odd, short fit that doesn't look very appealing unless it is tucked. It was splendid with this assemble, adding this unique scarf made this a really regal look.

Thanks for checking up on us! We hope to be in full blogging mode next week- now just tell the shipping company that!


                                                                          the Elder Sister and Writer

P.S. Just in case the alinement and formatting are looking completely crazy just keep in mind that I am editing and posting off of a dimly lit 10" x 7" screen! Hopefully it is not too embarrassing! We also had quite the rush of trying to get these pictures (and photo a day's from last week) quickly edited/sent before our main computer died, as it was beeping to be plugged in to it's own cord. Let's just say that a Netbook cord fits a Acer laptop but doesn't charge very successfully! :)



  1. Oh dear, you seem to be having quite a few problems with your computer! Hopefully you'll be getting your cord soon, but until then, I'm quite impressed by how you post from a Netbook! It is way harder than one might think!
    Adorable outfit! I love that blouse underneath the dress! They look like they were made for each other!

  2. Greetings ,Ladies!

    I think that dress is absolutely adorable! You did a wonderful job combining everything and making alterations to the dress.
    Hopefully your computer problems will be a thing of the past soon 😊


  3. oh my goodness, how cute! i love that you wore it as a jumper instead of covering it up. i just love it! Glad to hear that things seem to be headed in the better direction :)
    (can i just take a moment to mention that your photography skills are very good?)

  4. I hope that things get back to normal soon! I've missed you girls.
    What a darling dress! The embroidery and scalloped edge on the hem are so cute. :)

  5. Cute dress, and I love your head scarf! That really stinks to have technology problems.:p Computers are great when they work but when they don't.... We all find out how dependent we are on them!

  6. Its absolutely lovely!!! I hope all your computer woes will soon be solved!
    I really love the headscarf too!!!

  7. I love your outfit Cassie! It reminds me so much of traditional Austrian Dirndl styles. Beautiful!

    Hope your computer cord comes soon, and works!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  8. I needed a good support as my new dress was thin, I ordered a bodysuit made for low-cut/backless dresses and it is great. It runs long for me; I'm 5'5 even with 3 or so inch heels, it was still long.

  9. What a pretty outfit Cassie! And don't worry about your computer! It is in the LORD'S hands and I am sure He will not let this last too long for you both. I am so proud of you girls for not giving up and for still desiring to be persistent in your posts! Good for you! :) And no, nothing about the alignment seems to be wonky, so no worries.

    You girls are the best! I admire you in your stalwartness!


    The eldest sister & singer

  10. LOVE the dress, Cassie! Sweet! I got a rabbit! His name is Butterscotch, and he is a Holland Lop!


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