Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outfit // a Fall Recap

 Hello all! How have you been this fine first week of April? Our snow has finally met it's match and has decided to once again seep into the thawing earth; making room for delicate buds awaiting the proper time to blossom. Though I am happy this season has finally arrived, I am felling slightly lazy downtrodden thinking about the work that comes with it since I usually head up spring clean-up around here. But once I see the benefits of clean grounds and abundant greenery come mid May, I will reap it's rewards.
 This outfit was first worn to a Saturday Sabbath Bible Study, week before last. But seeing as how we were out till two a.m. with friends that night, we ended up missing our Sunday services the next morn! So it ended up not being worn again until this past Sunday. And though the colors are not exactly springy, I have been, so far, rather reluctant to retrieve any of my really summery brights until I know it is here to stay. I wouldn't want to waste their beauty before their time.
Shoes- American Eagle thrifted $3 // Hose- ? // Slip- made my me // Skirt- Ashly B brand thrifted $4 // Green shirt- thrifted $2 // Brown Jacket- thrifted ancient // Pearl set, pin, and headband gifted // Hair jewels- made by me, see the tutorial here
Since I have had so many comments these past few posts about my little hair do talks, today I'll just give you a bit of a rundown of what happened here on Sunday morning. I originally wanted to style the "C" Shaped Braid style since I have not done it these past months (learn it from this tutorial). Which a keen eye would detect, that was what started to take place here. Anyway- I didn't give myself enough time to take small enough sections to make the look presentable. So I just created the main shape and then tucked in the ends between the braiding.Oh and links for how I made the hair pins are given above, though I am quite embarrassed by the photography in that post ;) How far we have come.
Isn't this skirt a wonder?! It is fabulous when you find something this unique while thrifting around town. I love it's detail. I would love to recreate it someday and use it for one of my own designs. Throwing it on with a green shirt seemed to make it's colors burst. Kind of like this weather we are having- beauty beneath the brown.
I know a thank you though a blog post can seem empty unless you are in an 'in the clouds' emotion, nonetheless, you make blogging worth while when you take a moment to express your thoughts and thanks. I thank you for being uplifting to me. For being a friend.

Has spring come your way?
Do you like this skirt?
Have something exiting to share?

the Elder Sister and Writer



  1. Such a pretty skirt!!!!! As we live in Texas, spring has been here since early March. :-) Although we can never tell what the weather will be like because sometimes it is 80 degrees one day and 30 the next. I really enjoy reading y'all's blog! Thank you for writing!
    ~ Sarah

  2. Lovely outfit! :) I'm definitely ready for Spring, haha!

  3. Pretty outfit, Cassie! :) It has definitely been warmer around here.

  4. oh i do like the skirt. Isnt it nice how just a little temperature change can brighten our whole outlook and inspire our clothing choices? i really love all the colors there.
    also, your hair looks wonderful! thanks for the link, i'll have to check that out!

  5. You did a splendid job on your hair Cassie! And yes, my quick eye did notice that it could have been the original C shaped braid!

    I agree with you and Abigail, as to how the warm Spring weather really lightens up the drab feeling of wearing the same winter clothes. Spring has a lovely way of freshening up your look on life, especially when it comes to picking out what you are going to wear each day! With it comes the promise of warmth, and thus one gets to anticipate the changing out of winter wear for lots of breezy skirts and short sleeve shirts. Ah glorious Spring!

    Have a splendid day!

    The eldest sister & singer

  6. Hello again,
    just wanted to drop you a note to ask if you've ever received the Liebster Blog award?
    If you have, please excuse me. But if you haven't, i've nominated you. If you don't wish to participate, that is perfectly OK. Have a great day :)

    1. We did receive it once but never got around to finishing the whole post! [It's still in our drafts!] Thanks so much for nominating us! ~Calico Sisters


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