Friday, May 30, 2014

May || Photo-a-Day || Week Eighteen

Friday: a panorama of where we were weeding. {Edited with 'posturize'}
Saturday: reflections in the van mirror... And one of the boys from our Saturday fellowship 'ripsticking' [Is that a word?] in the background...
Sunday: a preview of a post I'll be doing about our day at Aunt Wendy's farm!
Monday: a family of geese with 20 goslings!!! Sorry it's so blurry, it was pretty far away...
Tuesday: a dandelion gone to seed. I inverted the colors because... Just because. ;-)
Wednesday: a dandelion by a fence post...
Thursday: Havah has lost almost all of her winter fluff! One more good brushing should do it! I'm waiting for a day with no wind. [Only horse owners will understand...]

Today: morning rays of light in the chicken pen.
Well! I'm off to the yard sale!
Have a good day y'all!

Have you ever brushed a horse on a windy day in the Spring?



  1. Gotta love fluffy horses! I most certainly understand. ;) Thankfully my Quarter has officially lost his winter hair, but thanks to sweet itch, he's losing his summer hair as well. :/ Oh well!

  2. Lovely photos. I like the one of the geese - wow, that's a lot of goslings! - and the inverted dandelion. :)

  3. wow! the inverted color dandilion picture is... really seriously cool. love all the little goslings!


  4. Hey, Rebekah! I understand about Havah! I don't have a horse, yet, but I volunteer at the Critter Barn in Zeeland, and I enjoy helping brush their horses. Fun! WOW! A ton of goslings! Where did you see them? Thanks for great posts!



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