Monday, June 2, 2014

A Flower in Her Hand // Inspired Outfit

Hey all!
What a wonderful Summery weekend we have had! With temperatures soaring high and lists of never ending projects piling up, the prayer of a cool rain is seemed to be on each one of our prayer thoughts. There seems to be so much I could try to squeeze in to share, but I will try to share what only time will permit me today and hope that you all have had a splendid week!

I am fairly certain that most of you follow a dear and favorite blog of mine, The Boyer Family Singers and have heard me ramble on about their divine blog here and there. Well, last week I was inspired by a post of theirs to wear something out of your comfort zone and to explore the fun of making it your own even with your insecurities of it. Let's face it, every time it seems like you wear something that you usually wouldn't, you end up meeting someone for the first time or talking about what kind of clothes you like only to realize that what you were displaying didn't fit the category at all. And for some of us who have a pretty set fashion, this can make you crinkle your nose as you remember the event.
So what do you ask, am I sporting today that inspired me to crawl out of my comfort zone of natural colors and and hopes of a vintage look-alike outfit? Wearing a lot of black and sequins, but more of the latter. I just don't like them, especially on me. They are just not something I would ever say I'd like to wear or advertise. Ha ha! I usually seam-rip them all off of anything that I would wear if they weren't there.

But hey! Just as Brigid ended up stating in her post, I was able to leave the house and not feel to, um- guilty? And really enjoyed it! This fabulous sweater I recently found helped make the style more me and the beautiful bustle cut draped perfectly with the slight high-low cut of the skirt.
That and my hair of-course! For the longest time I have not been able to put this style together and keep it in place. Which I always counted as a shame because I really love it! But! For some reason it has stayed each time I have endeavored to try it lately. I have worn it quite often because it has fallen into place so effortlessly.
Shoes- Black flats (not shown), thrifted, $3 // Slip- made by me // Skirt- gifted // Undershirt- ? // Sweater- 'Fever' brand, thrifted, $3.75 // Hair flowers- gifted

This glorious field of daisies seemed to bloom overnight. At lease for us. last week when we worked at Pleasant Hill (remember all the weeding?) we were not a foot away from the edge of this beautiful sea of what looked like an over grown and deserted meadow at the time. It is just beautiful! We are so very blessed to be able to freely visit such a beloved land whenever our hearts' so desire.

The wilderness and the desert will be glad, And the Arabah will rejoice and blossom; Like the crocus, it will blossom profusely. And rejoice with rejoicing and shout of joy.  Isaiah 35:1, 2

Where you inspired by Brigid's post?
Are you having summery weather yet?

Ta-ta and Shalom!
the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. Yes, I was inspired by Brigid - I almost always am! I do love their blog! Hand-me-downs often force you to wear something that isn't quite "you". Now I've been trying to wear those pieces and make them my own! :)
    Wonderful post Cassie and you look beautiful!

  2. Awww Cassie! Thanks for the shout-out!
    Your outfit is so gorgeously elegant and graceful. The sweater certainly makes it you! With the bustle cut and the solid black, it helps draw attention away from the sequins, though the sequins provide a nice depth that might not normally have been there. Your hair is gorgeous too!

    Love your whole ensemble!!!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Pretty outfit, Cassie! :) I don't know that I've ever seen a sweater with that cut before; it has a Victorian look with that skirt.
    We were having summery weather, but today has been a bit more chill.

  4. oh my goodness! i love this post! it feels so much like spring and summer. i love that old building and field of flowers. beautiful outfit, too, your hair always looks so awesome.

  5. Ha! Now just look at all those daisies! And I thought our small sprinkling of them in the vacant lot were pretty! Golly! What fun, and what a perfect backdrop for your photo shoot! Hmm, your hair is just divine Cassie. Will you believe it if I told you that after all of my thoughts and resolutions to grow out my hair, Charlotte talked me into getting it as short as hers! Well, she did, and now I won't have a chance at doing a nice, piled hairstyle. But I love my cut, so its still a win for me! :)

    Have you girls ever thought of getting your hair cut shorter? I'm not trying to impose the idea on you, because I actually love and admire your hair; it's merely just a thought/query.

    Wishing you cooler weather (if you are getting the storm we are today, it ought to hit us both soon!) :)

    The eldest sister & singer

  6. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks so much for your flow of lovely comments lately! For some reason I have not left a reply on any of you ladies' post in quite some time! Oh bother!

    Um- Have I ever thought about cutting my hair shorter? Well, while I was around the age of 14/15 I kinda wanted to go to a more mid back length which was when my hair was quite a bit more healthy and much longer! Anyway- I ended up getting just three inches chopped and that is the most of a hair cut I have ever gotten! And frankly, I have regretted it ever since. I just really love having long hair and also believe it is also our covering as woman vs. an actual head/hair covering. Thanks for asking! I feel that we draw alot closer as friends when we ask each other question that are out of the blue! :)

    Thanks for sending rain our way! We had delightful light sprinkles all day yesterday and today! He he!

    Hugs and blessings,


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