Friday, May 23, 2014

May || Photo-a-Day || Week Seventeen

Friday: I had planned to go along to Peter's baseball practice but it got rained out [Or so they thought it would be] so I'm afraid you'll have to be stuck with a shot of the first few trees we planted last Friday!

Saturday: our church held a ladies' event called "Hope for the Heart". Our speaker was Jeri Howe who is a relation to one of our friends! ;-)

Sunday: we went on a family walk and I took the opportunity to take a a sunglasses reflection picture! Thanks for posing Mom!

Monday: time for spring weeding, though it's feeling more and more like summer around here! An unusual blue bird made it's home near to where we were yanking grass...
Tuesday: more weeding! Little sisters came to help and play in the field. And pretty bee collecting pollen!
Wednesday: Cassie goofing around while sorting through the yard sale items at our church.
Thursday: we saw this giant yard sale [Parking lot sale] when we went grocery shopping. Unfortunately, they were just setting up and were not open for business 'til the next day. [*Can you find our sister Emma's face reflecting in the van window?]

Today: yes. Even more weeding. But now we're done! Until they grow back that is.
I can barely believe it's been a week since, well, last week!  ;-) 

Have you ever weeded strawberry plants?
 Do you enjoy weeding?
What does your church do to raise money?

Thanks for reading!

~~The Professional Weeder~~


  1. Wow, Rebekah!! I LOVE these pictures! You have a good eye! :D Were all of these pictures taken with your iPhone? One of the churches that I visited recently collect Canadians goods to send to people in different countries of Asia... :) It's truly amazing! Things such as maple syrup (that's a must), books, clothing, etc...

    I'm looking forward to week eight!

    In all sisterly love,

  2. Great pictures! :)
    I actually do enjoy weeding. There's something satisfying about yanking a weed out, and in spring they come out so easily from the soft dirt!

  3. What a beautiful week you had! I love all of these photos celebrating the Spring weather girls, and yes, it feels like Summer is coming along here too.

    You noted that picture of the peculiar blue bird and I am happy to inform you that it is actually a Tree Swallow! I know those little acrobatic artists anywhere as we have several families of their kind, as well as Barn Swallows, living here in our neighborhood. I love to watch them fly, especially when they give me a visit when I mow our lawn. They swoop very close to the mower to catch up mouthfuls of the little flies that spring from the grass, and always they leave me impressed with the Lord's cleverness in making such delightful little creatures. Have fun with your new neighbor!

    I do love to weed very much! So much in fact that it can be hard to stop! ;)

    Oh yes! I almost forgot one very important comment–we have the same exact colored iPhone as you two! Isn't that coincidental! Ha ha! :) Why did you both choose the apple green? We chose it because it was the only color all three of us liked. We share ours just like you do too. Nothing better.

    Hope your day is blessed.

    In Christ,

    The eldest sister & singer

  4. Saw Emma's reflected face in the window! God bless you both, Cassie & Rebekah!



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