Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Farm Day

Hey y'all! Recently we spent the day at our Aunt's farm. During the day I took lots of photos [Surprise surprise?] and am now here to share them with you! Ready to see some kittens, kids, and kids? Get my corny joke?
 Let's get started!


The newest kid, an Alpine buckling.
Peter and the buckling...

Sue checking on her baby...

Melody holding the little *buck. [*Not named yet...]

Daisy and Fairlight. Someone's shy... ;-)


Sue and Betty are twins and have been together since birth. ;-)

Wilbur is due for a shearing soon as you can tell! ;-)

Wilbur kicking up his heels.

Like mother like daughter.
Nathan attempting to catch Buttercup...
Buddy [buck] and Wilbur [the sheep].

Mom! I'm hungry here!

And that concludes the goat section of this post!
Next: kittens!
Just a pile of kittens!

Irresistibly adorable!

I actually didn't take many photos of them since they were so young and we didn't want to disturb the mother and make her move them. After seeing all the new spring arrivals, we headed up to the house to 1. get in the shade, and 2. get a drink! ;-)

Sara playing the piano....

Melody as cute as ever!

I love oil lamps!

After that the boys started chopping up a tree stump that needed to be removed. We didn't get to finish the job but with everyone's help made lots of progress! 

  The boys took turns and Nathan reclined into the swing when it was Peter's turn.

Sara taking a turn.
Through the bannister...

I couldn't help but put these ones of Sara! They turned out swell!
Peter pushed Melody in the swing while Nathan took another turn with the stump.

I love this one!

Hopefully you don't mind dirty feet! We don't! :-D
By this time it was late afternoon and we were all feeling little sleepy and lazy. After all it was Sunday! Actually it was Monday! Hahaha! I just realized that!
 So we grabbed some blankets and headed to the front yard to lay in the shade of the maple trees...

Mel trying to get out of the sun...


Our Aunt's daughter-in-law Ashley and her grandson Forrest Jon.

Emma's hair...

The boys decided to take a walk across the corn fields to the woods...

Abandoned boots...
Who can resist close-up leather pictures? Not me!

We've all played this before! Wheelbarrow!

I 'dared' Sara to give Mel a piggyback ride. She's solid bone! 80 pounds! Needless to say the ride didn't last toooo long...
Now that we were all rested up Sara and I decided to go find the boys... Cassie stayed to talk with Ashley and play with Forrest...

The farm is behind the trees in the right corner...
Well used and well loved boots.
Now! A few miscellaneous if you don't mind!

Just what do you think you're doing!

Barkley, the loveable lab farm dog.

Fresh herbs to plant.

The porch ceiling.


Forrest playing...
Dappled grass...

Cass and Sara...

On the way home we took 'the back way' and t'was safe enough to not have to buckle! Yay! Time to put the seat down!

Since it was Memorial Day we flew this flag on our van on the way home. Not that anyone saw it! We were on a dirt road and didn't pass anyone the whole time!

No day is complete without a sunset! [Did that sound as strange to you as it did to me?]
And with that I must bid y'all adieu! You see, I've got another farm to visit, Pleasant Hill. Cassie and I are cleaning the building where we grade blueberries in preparation for the fruit season! I hope y'all enjoyed this peek into our life!

Have you visited a farm of late?
Which do you prefer: kittens or *kids? 
{*As in the goat kind!}


*If it bugs you when I put lots and lots of pictures into posts like these, will you please mention it in a comment? I don't want to put so many that I lose your interest in the posts! Otherwise, I'll keep doing what I've been doing! Thanks!*


  1. Great post Rebekah! Looks like a fun day. I love kittens, they are so cute!


  2. LOVE these photos!! What a fabulous day!

  3. Wow, it looks like you had a lot of fun!! You've got some beautiful photos!
    It would take too long to list all my favorites, my I really liked the first one of you and the goat. :)


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