Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Your Chance || Fresh Apparel

Hey all!
I'm just checking in for a quick post to encourage you to help out with Fresh Modesty's exiting announcement of Fresh Apparel!

Olivia is such a fabulous inspiration to each of us! Just over a year ago we found her blog and that was truly the starting point in wanting to start a blog for ourselves. We really never took time to serf the web for much of anything- until one day we were looking to see if their was a sleeker way to create cotton slips and stumbled upon her blog in the process. It opened up doors to all the dear ladies (and families) we call friends today!

As a sewer myself, I hold this topic near and dear to my heart. I'm pretty sure anyone who would create something that has gotten such a wonderful response would just be bursting at the seams to have brought their creation so far! The Errand #17 skirt is a fabulous option for anyone looking for a super flattering everyday jean skirt. I know by personal experience, how much this skirt is a blessing to have in your closet while running behind or feeling uninspired- just by slipping this skirt on your outfit is nearly complete.

Most of you know that Olivia also has an e-book (find that here) that instructs you in making your very own denim skirts. I received a copy as a gift a few months back and it was truly a joy to work with!
To see my own creations of these skirts click here and here.

I hope that you will join us in supporting Olivia in her meaningful endeavor! In case you have not seen her personal Kickstarter post please make sure to click that link to read and watch the hoe-down! We are convinced that this is a wonderful product that will last! Olivia is not one to choose fabric on a whim or start something without guidance from her family and most importantly prayer to her heavenly Father.

Thank you all so much for letting us give a shout-out!
We would love to know if you plan on supporting Fresh Apparel!

Many blessings,
on Behalf of Calico Sisters

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