Friday, June 6, 2014

June || Photo-a-Day || Week Nineteen

Friday: yard sale!

Saturday: sunglasses and watermelon!

Sunday: we took our outfit pictures in the wildflower field at Pleasant Hill...

Monday: me struggling under a heavy load of laundry. I was faking.   ;-P

Tuesday: one of our Pekin ducks [Naomi] is sitting on about a dozen eggs! YAY!

Wednesday: a snapper! She was a foot long! Sorry for the not-so-sharp picture quality, we didn't want to get too close!

Thursday: another turtle! This time a harmless painted.  Isn't he cute?

Today: on our calendar.

I woke up this morning thinking,"I s'pose I should do my outfit post..." Then I turned the computer on and realized,"Oh yeah! It's Friday!"  As you can see from today's picture, our schedule  has quite a few things on it. But the main event isn't there. We are going garagesaling! [Yes, that is one word!] As I type my Mom is telling me that we have to leave in a few minutes! Seeing as how I have yet to do the chores, do my hair, and pick out my clothes, I had better say goodbye! Tot zeins, au revoir, adios, shalom, goodbye!

Have you caught any turtles yet this year?
Do you like garagesaling?



  1. You named your duck Naomi! Haha.

  2. We were just about to get some ducks as well (it was going to be either a rare breed called Muscovy, or else it was to be 10 Buff Orpington ducks), but we realized just in time that we had better wait another year before committing to such an investment. Do you like your Pekins? What do you not like about ducks?

    Nope, no turtles this year! However last year we kept finding them here, there, and everywhere! I first found a tiny, silver dollar sized box turtle, then we found an adult of the same kind, and then we found what was a snapper's nest of eggs buried inside the bank of our neighbor's pond–the raccoons dug it up and ate the booty. I did just find another dug up snapper's nest, nearly in the same spot as last year, but no live turtles.

    Have a good time at the garage sales!


    The eldest sister & singer

  3. Thanks for commenting Jessica! The worst thing about ducks is that they turn their water into mud. If you give them a bucket of clean water in the morning, it will be black and thick by night. So, if you do not have a natural water source [Pond,stream,lake.] it is really hard to keep them clean. Other than that they are one of my favorite animals! They all have different characters! If you want them to be really friendly though [Eating out of your hand] then you should probably raise them from ducklings. We have a half Muscovy drake. Pekins aren't very interesting colour-wise, but they make up for it with great personalities! I hope this helped! ;-)

  4. Fun photos! We don't have turtles around these parts, so it's neat to see your pictures. I can understand why you wouldn't want to get to close to the snapper. ;)


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