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What We Wear to the Beach || Cassie Edition

Hello everyone! We hope that you have had a great, profitable weekend!
Since summer is coming on us in such a rush, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you how and what we wear to the beach! Wearing something that meets your standards of modesty while staying cool and comfortable can be a challenge, especially while staying on budget! So Bek and I will be showing you what we feel is comfy and practical while taking a dip! Oh, and did I mention that she will be conducting her own tips and outfit on the morrow?
Okay! So starting off I'd like to make it clear why it is that we think that it is beneficial and correct that we keep our standards of modest dress even while we are being active and playful as we tramp through the waters and sandy dunes.

I don't see anything in Scripture were wearing immodest dress is permitted just to take a dip and play with a beach-ball! So while this should be quite simple, worldly thoughts have twisted our minds to think that wearing the very least that you would ever be comfortable wearing is what you throw on to go to the beach. Well, surprise surprise, these thoughts have 'evolved' over time and did not come from our perfect source. The Word.

So no matter what your standards are, don't evaluate them just because that is what everyone else is doing it or because it is the easy option out. If you think that wearing board shorts are modest, then find a pair and wear them with dignity! If you prefer some sort of dress type, then by all means find it (we will discuss that later on) and wear it!

You should not be bending the guide-lines that the LORD has given you.
I read something interesting not too long ago, and anyone who follows me on Pinterest may remember me pinning a little graphic quote that goes something along the lines of- "Would you be comfortable in the presence of our LORD the way you are dressed right now?"
Would you even need to think about it or would you be ashamed? We need to pursue purity in everything which includes the way we present ourselves. Our Savior is perfect in purity; this needs to be our goal.
Bringing this outfit together is alot like most people say when you go searching for "how to dress modestly for the beach" piecing things together is our main key while in this survival mode! Even though I talk about this more later on, I cannot stress the fact enough how important it is to all ways be on the look out for clothes that could be a potential swimming piece!

I found most of what I have on from various thrift shops in our area. I'll start at the top and work my way down. This super cute sun hat was too nice to pass up the day I found it at a Goodwill for just one dollar and it just happened to be the perfect color to go with what is up next! My shirt! I was a happy camper when I pulled this durable fushia colored shirt off the rack, also at a Goodwill, this past winter! The small horse emblem had me sold not to mention how nice and long it is so I don't have to worry while bending over to pick a shell treasure or bask in the sun, that my shirt was riding up. I payed just the price of a regular short sleeve shirt is priced at at our Goodwills which is three dollars! Rebekah found my skirt for me! It has been my favorite for the past two summers now. It fits perfectly! We paid around three or four for it- can't remember for sure. :)

And that brings us down to my leggings which I made myself! I use a McCall's pattern number M6173 which I have used quite a few times and really like how simple it is and how easy the pattern is to work with! Yay for only two pieces right!? I can get a shorter pair (ones shown) of the original version with a half yard of fabric for usually around four to six dollars.
Shoesies! :) They are a delightful pair of J41's that my Mom brought home a few years ago for resale. I ended up liking them so much she decided to let me have them instead! We paid a total of three for those!

I probably have you all thinking by now how nice it would be to find just a couple of things like this, well I've put a bit of a list together down below and I am really hoping that they help you and and keep you motivated in your quest! 
  • Don't give up the search! Finding what you want (let's face it) is not easy! This takes time, (i.e. when you only want to take ten minutes in a thrift store and aren't feeling the urge to search for the perfect beach accessory) and many strikes out! But I can testify that we would surely not have the nice collection that Bek and I share if we did not take each opportunity that came along in the hope of finding an item.
  • Look in the active wear racks! We have recently discovered that looking through thrift stores exercise clothing can really be a great place to find items that will suffice in beach wear. And, specifically a nice water proof shirt can usually be found on these racks without too many stops.
  • Make what you can't find. I know that not everyone enjoys sewing as much as I do, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So if you don't have a go-to sewing fashionista, I would suggest a Lycra-poly fabric blend for your material. This is what I have found to work best and also really enjoy working with it. If you happen to find something along those lines with some percentage of elastic stretch to it, it would be most ideal.  
  • Buy it when you find it. Most of us in our little modest-homeschooling-girls blog world would probably be able to say they have their monies divided out for different things. (I know I do!) But this is one place I tend to make the most exceptions. Obviously if you are used to thrifting you never know what you will come across. Even if I happen to find a shirt that I really like and am not sure what to do because, "I just found this perfect swimming option--but now what else do I put back? I mean I only brought ____ amount and we are only on our second stop!" I always end up minimizing what I had found to pay for what I really know what I will need in the long run. In this case something practical for swimming in! 

I'd thought I should also add, for those of you looking to go out and buy a modest swimwear option, a quick list of places that we recommend.

Cover Up For Christ is a fabulous Etsy shop to buy an entire suit that has been handmade just for you! With over ten options of fabric to choose from with an addition to your specific modesty needs, Bree is sure to make your suit in perfect order! Also see her blog here.

Fresh Modesty would be a great option for those of you who are looking for guidance in creating their very own swimwear. Olivia has put together an e-book just for you! Though I personally do not own this specific download of her's, I have heard (and seen) numerous fruits of her work! You can also find her blog right here.

Wholesome Wear has always been a small dream for Bek and I to be willing able to order from some day. Their suits vary from three main styles while you are still able to choose your very own fabrics! Their durability far outweighs their total costs! If you are looking for a one time investment, check them out!

What are some tips you use for looking for modest swimwear pieces?
What do you think about modesty in the world of swimwear?
What do you swim in?

the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. Thank you for sharing, Cassie!! I love your suit as well, the colors are adorable! Don't you just LOOOOVVEE Lake Michigan?! I sure do! ;)

    Have a blessed afternoon,


  2. This is a cute beach outfit! You made your own leggings?! Nice job. :)
    To swim in, I wear a regular two-piece suit with a waterproof shirt and swim shorts over it. Layering is definitely useful when it comes to buying modest swimwear.

  3. Love the outfit! I don't go swimming often and the closest beach is, well, very far, so I don't really have to face this conflict very much! The last time I went to the beach, I wore a pair of flared yoga pants (IE: Not super tight!) and a t-shirt, haha!

  4. Wonderful Cassie! Your swim ensemble looks perfectly comfy and modest. I wear a swimsuit that I made myself inspired by the 40's. There are some tweaks that I wish I had made, but there's always a next time with those sort of things! :D


    the Middle Sister and Singer


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