Sunday, July 20, 2014

FFF Show || The Prizes

Hey all! Hope that you had a great refreshing weekend!
Don't you think that it is high time we shared with you what our prizes will include for our Fashion Show this week? I do. I have been terribly procrastinating this post for some reason. Not quite sure the reasoning. But for the bloggers who follow us- you know how it is when you feel like doing anything but putting a new post up for your readers? That has been me of late. I want it to be done, and done with excellence, but when I have had physical time, my emotional state has not been in the right spot to bring a new read to you. Our family is facing new things and have been seeking direction on a particular topic for a while now and we are needing the wisdom of our heavenly Father to help and lead us where He is calling us. Things of this life can so easily drag us down. How much we need to be lifted up each day!
Okay, enough of my pity-party, would you like to see what we have to offer as our prizes this week?

I'm not sure why people usually begin with announcing the third place winner,  first...? Maybe to cause you to wait even longer for the grand prize winner, or possibly to give that last bit of glory to the winner before it is official. Anyway, I thought I'd follow this little tradition and first acknowledge third prize as we start in.

We made these adorable cup/jar insulators before they became the "trend" and we thought it would be just perfect for our third place winner to receive as their main gift! With it you will receive two adorable plastic straws, the seal and ring and of course the insulator that is made from recycled wool (from a sweater we felted) with a darling springy cotton floral print covering.

I am also including a favorite beauty product of mine, a Burt's Bees lip gloss in the shade Juicy Peach. I adore just about all of what they have to offer and typically have at least three of their lip balms with me at all times. Their gloss is the only one that I will use since I one, don't wear lip gloss too often and two, it makes you feel so much better knowing you are using something natural! Both of these prizes are sure bring a smile to your face and summer more close to home.

Are you quite as happy that the Duggar girls' book made it into our list as I am? I am splendidly happy to be offering you such a delightful read ladies! This well talked of book about relationships is sure bring you insight! I actually ordered two copies- one for us girls (book review anyone?) and one for the FFFS. So very happy to offer it to you!!

Not only will you be presented with the book, but this little purse as well! It is darling! I personally like to have one of these as an option while yard-saling. It is so much more practical to not have something slung over your shoulder while looking at an item you may potentially purchase. And you must admit it whispers summer in the most feminine way even if it is a bit trendy.

Ta-da! Our grand prize is up at last! Has anyone oohed and ahhed over this main attraction yet? I am quite hesitant to see this darling handbag go myself, as you can well imagine! Is there anything else that needs to be said about this item? It is in near perfect condition, (the corner is stained in the inside lining) completely vintage, fabulously feminine and just plain grand! 'Lucky' you!

Let's see- I also picked up a little trinket item to throw in. This little hanging plaque would be too cute on a hallway wall or simply to complete a wall of antiquey art.

I am also including two more natural beauty items in this lot. One being an eos (e.i. Evolution Of Smooth) lip balm. I love this stuff! And crazy enough, I just had a blogging buddy post a super cute review on them. Read it here. I couldn't help adding one to our grand prize-ee's lute! Sorry if I get you hooked! Ha ha!

And my last product I am sorry to say I have never tested this item myself. The natural ingredients and darling packaging had me sold. Hopefully the actual product is as rewarding as the jar's dressiness!


What is your favorite item?
Which lot would you choose for the taking?

the elder Sister & Writer

** If you missed the post on how to enter the Fashion Show see this post and enter as soon as possible for your chance to win one of the three prize lots above! Inquire below if you have any questions!


  1. What fun prizes Cassie! I can't wait to see who wins. I would definitely pick 1st or second place prize because of the fun purses. ;)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Hey ladies!

    I would go for the 2nd place prize 100% for sure, as it contains the Duggar girls' book! I love a good, encouraging read, especially on relationships!

    I am really glad you two are doing this fashion show. So what if you are not feeling up to par in your moods? After all, we all have those days too. And guess what? You pushed through it! It's done. Out of the way. So rejoice! Over all, you two deserve a lot of praise for all of the hard work you have put into your site (BTW, I LOVE your new About photo–you two are stunning!!!)! Also, I have to say, after watching my own sisters progress in building up our own site (I am not so technically competent, so they have done a lot more than I. You could say I am the idea maker, and author of my own posts.) I have to tell you that you have come a long way in so short a time! May the Lord be glorified by your work!!!

    Love in Christ,

    The eldest sister & singer

  3. Great Blog! I am so glad I found it!


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