Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Liebster Award || Cassie Tagged!

Hey all! I hope that you have had a good week this far!
As for me, I have enjoyed my mini blogging break- how has it been a week since I last conducted my own post? Anyway, I have been working on some behind the scenes work for our quickly approaching Fashion Show! So don't think that I have been neglecting you too much, it just may seem that way for the last few days. Ha ha!

Today I will be sharing a quick fun post only because I have been awarded by one of our blogger friends and because of her thoughtfulness! We girls have only recently found this dear girl's blog, along with her sisters' charming sites! It was especially neat to be separately awarded this spin around! Thanks so much dear! Make sure that you each check out Sadie's blog and give her a follow! 

Since Bek has already been kind enough to bring together some new tag-ees (see her post and answers here), I will be answering these quaint questions and, of course, my eleven stray facts about myself, and then bid you adieu! 

Are you named after someone in particular and do you know why?
I am not, that is, unless my middle names counts. Opal, was my Great-grandmother's name and thus I was dubbed with it to complete my name.

What's your favorite kind of berry?
Oh golly! Either strawberry or raspberry! They are all so good! Cute question! 

Do you have a favorite Bible verse?
Yes I do! It is Colossians 3:23, "What ever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the LORD and not for man."

Do you play any instruments?
Slight piano. I took lessons when I was younger and then it died away until this past year, but I am far less committed than Rebekah. So it is something that I need to work at with a little more determination.

What does your name mean?
I admit I had to look this one up- it has been a while. It bares the meaning, prophetess; "helper of mankind" or "shines on mankind". Interesting since I am a really works driven person!

Do you tend to be very outgoing or quieter?
I can really be either. When I am tired or irritated I am usually quieter. But other wise fairly talkative and bubbly. :)

What's your favorite month or season and why?
I would have to say Fall/Summer because I love being outside and it is much more enjoyable in the warm and cool seasons.

What do you like to do to have fun and relax?
Sew. Ha ha! I also enjoy playing games with friends, knitting, studying the Bible, baking, knitting, reading, babysitting, and cleaning at my own pace.

Is there a particular song or album you've been listening to a lot lately?
Yes, actually, the Best of the Andrew Sisters and Bethany Dillon's acoustic album, seem to keep calling my name of late.

What's the farthest you've ever traveled from home?
The farthest would have to be the Mission trip to Lithuania last month! :)

What's something that always makes you laugh?
When people try to imitate another's facial expression and nail it head on seems to get me going...
And just funny comebacks...And Bek is just hilar!
  • I am shorter than Bek standing at 5'7".
  • I love cheesecake.
  • The only veggies/fruits I dislike are tomatoes, celery, and pineapple.
  • I like things to be as tidy and neat as possible.
  • I have won first place for three consecutive years with a delicious cinnamon bread at our county fair.
  • I will speak my mind when you ask me a direct question.
  • I love flowers/nature, but not animals as much as you would think.
  • I love to create a delicious hair style.
  • Most books I read are inspirational.
  • I love learning about the Hebrew language. (A very new love of mine)
  • I recently opened my very own Instagram account- Give me a follow!

Well, off to the last of this season's pony league baseball games!  Our younger brother's team has kept their title of 'undefeated' all season! We so enjoy attending his games as a summer family outing and are quite sad to see the season fly by so fast! So, a toast, if you will, to the champs!

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  1. Fun post Cassie! :) You must make some fantastic cinnamon bread! Is it a secret recipe?


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