Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfit || Tan & Calico Refashion

Hi all!
Our week's over here, are just seeming to fly by! Each Sabbath that comes along brings another week that brings us closer to the fall months ahead. How is it that the middle of August has already come?! We have filled our days with many commitments such as blueberry grading, food pantry volunteering, and my new cleaning job! I suppose that is the reason too that this outfit (which was planned for Saturday) has been secluded until now. Want to take a peek?
My new employer, who has also become a very dear friend, went through her closet and just somehow, half of her find-a-new-home-for-stack wound up hanging in my own! Including this neat tan skirt you are viewing now. I just loved the rustic and practical asset the buttons and pockets made the skirt into! The only problem was it was quite a bit shorter while sitting than you would think, which is exactly the reason for it's removal from the previous owner. What to do?

After skimming the skirt over our fabric stash, I decided that this fabric was certainly it! That is, the one that would be the perfect match to add some length to the slightly skimpy item. I was at odds over how to actually add the length though, until I decided that a mermaid style would be a little (quite!) different and broaden my closet.

So I cut a 85" by 9" strip, finished off the hem and gathered it. Then laid the ruffle behind the bottom edge of the skirt, top-stitched with a scarlet thread and removed a few of the original buttons to replace them with some from our vintage stash in differing hues of red. I'm rather liking the result! 

The rest of my outfit came together with some delicate ivory pieces, such as the blouse and flower in my hair, to balance out the rigid solid tan of the skirt. As well as the added calico and red buttons.
Ah Oh! And these shoes! They are quite darling and just my standard of height at just a couple inches tall. I was blessed to find them when one of our thrift stores had their entire store 60% off!
I think too that they added a good flair to the skirt's mermaid silhouette !
 Shoes- Mudd, thrifted $2 // Slip- me made // Skirt- Anne Taylor, gift/refashioned by me // Tank- ? Shirt- had forever, thrifted $3? // Hair flower- Walgreens clearance, .98

Thanks so much for stopping by to view my little project!

Do you have a summer job?
What was the last item you refashioned?
What tips have you come across to add length to a skirt?


the elder Sister and Writer


  1. This is one of my favorite outfits so far! What a cute skirt, and I adore the shoes! Lovely as always!

  2. Your skirt refashion turned out so pretty Cassie! I like how you paired it with the more delicate airy items such as your blouse and hair flower. Oh, and those shoes are a score! Your hair is lovely as always.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. This is such a lovely outfit Cassie! :D I like each bit of it.
    I have a new cleaning job too, as well as a babysitting job. These will extend beyond summer though. :)

  4. LOVE it, Cassie! Did you just like sew a ruffle on a regular tan skirt, or did it come that way?

    1. Hi Tori! I am SO sorry that your question/comment got skipped over!
      Anyway- Yes, that is precisely what I did! Sometimes skirts have too much character to pass up even though they may not fit into either your or your family's modesty standards and they need a little help before they can become a staple in your wardrobe. Adding a bit of length in such a feminine way as a ruffle is super easy!
      Let me know if you'd like me to help you out with one of your own sometime! :)


  5. I really love this outfit!! The skirt is so gorgeous and unique! I love it so much! And the shoes are adorable.
    Your hair style is beautiful! I love the wispy, old-fashioned look of it! Have you ever thought of doing hair tutorials on your blog? You obviously have a talent for hairstyles, and I would love to see how you do it!

    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you so much for your words of kindness!
      I have thought about posting hair tutorials before! It just has not happened yet. :)
      We will see in the future though-- especially since Bek and I have been looking for more ways to expand our reading material. We just need to find an ideal set-up and get to work on it!



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