Saturday, August 16, 2014

Forgotten Awards Turned Q+A

Okay... About 6 or 7 months ago someone nominated us for a few awards. We were super busy and after we copied the questions down to answer later, we completely forgot about it and who nominated us! :-(
So... after we remembered it I started typing up my answers whenever I had the time. Obviously, I didn't have too much extra time. But now it's going to be a regular Q+A post!
                                          Rebekah's "Liebster Award" Answers:

Q: If you could visit any place in the world where would you go? 
 A: I really don't have a clue! There are too many beautiful places to choose from! Okay- I'm not fooling anyone. Ireland definitely.
Q:How many siblings do you have?
A: Five.

Q:Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
 A: My dog. ;-P

Q:Do you like morning or evening better?
 A: Evening.

Q:Who is your role model? 
 A: I don't really have a particular person that I try to be like. But my role models I guess would just be a lot of different people- not just one.

Q:If you could meet any person on earth, who would you want to meet? 
A:  ONE PERSON? Well, Kent Hovind really intrigues me with his self-assured approach on Creation so I guess him! (Otherwise... the Duggars, the Bates,the Pearl family, etc...)

 Q:Do you like going to the dentist?
 A: N-O: No!

Q:Who is your best friend? 
A: Cassie.
Q:What is your favorite blog...other than yours :)?
A: Too hard of a question to answer!!!   ;-)
Q:Have you ever flown over the ocean? 
A:Yes. 2 times. But don't remind me!

Q:What are you most looking forward to in life?
A: Get married, have my own house and family, learn to ride better, have at least 10 acres to my name. (Etcetera.)

 Rebekah's "Sunflower Award" Answers: 
  • What do you want to do on earth more than anything else?    --Hmm... Just the usual: get married; own a farm; have 10 kids; etc! 
  • What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)...?   --A favorite book?  Fill in blank with new book every day: _____________.
  • What is your favorite subject in school?   --Um... It varies a lot from grade to grade. Probably science this year.
  • Do you have pen-pals?   --Only a girl I know in person!(Does anyone want to? I would love to have another one!)
  • Who is your favorite hero (in books or movies)?   --Movie:Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood in the BBC series! 
  • Who do you text the most?  --I do not really text that much! [I s'pose my Mom and the aforementioned friend!]      :-P
  • If you could change anything in your facial features what would you change?  --I have a slightly crooked tooth that I wish was straight...?
  • What is your favorite movie?  --I don't know. I can only have a list of my favorites!  (Music Man, Sound of Music, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, It Happened One Night, etc...)
  • What is your favorite thing to blog about?    --I really like to 'show off' my nature photography that I think turned out especially well!
  • Do you have a best friend?    --Yes.  Quote- "My siblings are my bestest friends"~Blimey Cow- end quote. Hahaha! And other than kinfolk- Sara Lorraine Van Kampen!
  • What is the most amazing thing you've ever done?   --I lead a pretty un-amazing (In this context) life. As an example: one of the strangest and most amazing things I have experienced was riding a 1800's turntable bridge when it was opening! And I flew to Europe! ;-)
The only person that I remember nominated us is 'Abigail' from Sweeter Gets the Journey blog! A very belated thanks to Abigail!

 Rebekah's Answers to Sweeter Gets the Journey Questions:

1. What is the last book you read?
Without a Trace by Colleen Coble! [It's set in the U.P., Michigan's upper peninsula.]

2. Do you have any pets?  If so, what.  If not, what would you like?
Yes. The ones I have that qualify as pets would be a Saint Dane [Great Dane/Saint Bernard] named Harvey, and a Holland Lop rabbit named Mopsey. [We've got lots of other animals but they're considered livestock.]

3. What would you do with a billion dollars?
 Where to start oh where to start!  First: adopt about 10 orphans; then pay for 10,000 wells to be dug in Africa; then pay for a Christian Republican campaign for president (and make sure he won!).  Now for some selfish things!  Buy a giant ranch or farm [and have all Red Brand fencing!];  buy all the horses at a slaughter auction and pay for their training and upkeep then give them all to kids who can't afford to buy one; buy a grand piano; go back to Lithuania; finish our house [It's been under construction for...a very long time!]; then invest some here and there for my future family!

4. Do you sing or play any instruments?   If so, what, if not what would you like to learn?
I sing and play the piano. But I would love to play violin! It's the most beautiful instrument in my humble opinion!

5. If you knew you would not be unharmed, what risky thing would you try (ie. swimming with sharks, riding a lion, bungee jumping... etc.)
Ride a bull at a rodeo for the full 8 seconds!

6. Are you a morning or night person?
Neither: either or!  :-D

7.What makes you laugh out loud?
Babies trying to talk and kids [Baby goats] running around and bouncing off everything!  [Any Waltons fans out there?  The scene where Jason comes down the steps to the kitchen and trips over Jim-Bob's scooter cracks me up every time!!!]

8. What is something(s) you dislike?
People pretending they know about animals.The new John-Boy in the late seasons of The Waltons. Math.

9. What is something you find amazing every time you see/hear etc. about it?
Myself of course! ;-P   I can't think of a real answer.

10. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Is this weird?  I don't have a particular holiday I favor!

11. What's your top source of inspiration (for anything, from anything).
Pinterest of course! Hahaha!  No, probably just all of the many [MANY] the books I read!

+ 11 things You Might Not Know About Me!

  • I don't like fruity chewing gum and get a headache whenever Cassie chews it.
  • I love to sing!!!
  • My favorite sweatshirt has horses on it.  {Here.}
  • My brother's baseball team went undefeated last season! [It's sort of about me!]
  • I want waist-length hair. [Or longer!]
  • I used to tell everyone I wanted to be a vet and everyone think I still do.  [I don't.]
  • I wrote the pilot post on what was then called Calico Clodhoppers and is now the blog you're on.
  • I can sing in Dutch. 
  • My favorite verse in the Bible is Genesis 1:1,"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." 
  • I have ridden camel while wearing a skirt.
  • I don't like Duck Dynasty. That is... I would never watch Duck Dynasty if it wasn't for Uncle Si and Jase! 

And there you have it! A fun post [I hope!] so you can get to know me better!
If you nominated us for one of these awards and we never got around to posting, thank you! We are so sorry to whomsoever is the author of these questions! 

Have you ever {completely and utterly} forgotten something?
What would you do with a billion dollars? 
How do you like my editing on the post banner?
Did you like this post?

**Calico Sister #2**

*I first published this post yesterday morning but since it had been a draft so long something went wrong. I had to copy it all and create a new post. Hopefully everything is showing up fine now!*


  1. Hi Rebekah I was reading your answers and saw that you were interested in a pen pal. I'd love to if you're interested! Thanks for a wonderful website.

    1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for commenting! I would enjoy that as well! If you comment again including your address I can delete the comment afterwards so it isn't made public. Or if you have email you can send it to me at:
      Thanks again Brooke!

  2. Hey!!! I would love to be pen pals with you!!!!:)

    1. Hi Luba! That would be fun! ;-) You can comment and give me your address [Which I will then delete from public view.] or email me at

  3. I volunteer @ the Critter Barn in Zeeland. Check it out@: They let 8 year old kids, (two-legged kind (: ) volunteer! I LOVE it there!

    1. Thanks for commenting Tori! That's nice that you volunteer there! ;-)


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