Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Hey everyone! Some of you may not have noticed but I missed photo-a-day again! Our computer memory is full so the pictures wouldn't download! Yargh yargh yargh!  So I'm afraid I am going to have to tell you that the photo-a-day series is officially stopped until further notice. We will be attempting to buy an external memory bank or possibly even a new laptop this week! YAY! So, on to my outfit!

I wore this outfit several times in July, this was the first. I had been hankering for something new so I wandered into our sewing room to look in the mending\alterations pile. Strangely enough, I had been trying to find something like this shirt all week! Then, it appeared- the perfect button up for an Independence Day weekend baseball game!
As you can tell, we started the photo-shoot in the woods, but were forced to evacuate due to our charming little friends called mosquitoes.  I guess they liked my shirt too.

As I mentioned in this post, my white sandals got a lot of use in the past few months!

Me reading THE LOCAL OBSERVER. Actually, I was pretending to read it just for the picture. :-P Not sure why my lips look slightly blue... Below I have a collection of pictures from the day. Me feeding Shasta, Sara Van Kampen's Labrador, Lilo, being cooperative during a boring part of the game, antique telephone insulators in our front yard, and my signature on my schoolwork. 
Since this outfit was worn in July and has a patriotic color scheme, I went searching for a simple American poem to accompany it in this post. Instead I found these hilarious, and sadly accurate, lyrics. 

The American People Will
(To the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

When our government keeps growing
Past it's legal boundaries,
When our laws just hurt the people,
But officials live in ease,
If we cannot get our leaders
To protect our liberties,
The American people will.


We, the people, have to fix it,
When our country is in trouble.
Government declines to do it,
So the American people will.

When our taxes give us nightmares,
And the total makes us flinch,
When our businesses can't profit
'Cause the regulations pinch,
When we tell them it's not working
But they will not give an inch,
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

Our country's going bankrupt;
Do you think they even care?
They're creating giant debt now,
Printing money from thin air.
They think no one can stop them,
But they'd better all beware;
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

We'll restore the Constitution
Bring back power to the States,
Give the people back the money
Congress misappropriates.
For our drunk-with-power leaders,
Only joblessness awaits;
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

 Cassie did a french braid on the top of my head and then up the bottom. I had to lay on the bed with my head hanging off the edge for her to accomplish the up-side-down braiding! 

Shoes- Burk's thrifted $3 // Skirt- Goodwill $4 \\ Long sleeve- hand-me-down // Tank- Cassie's alteration stash (now mine 'til further notice) Fill-a-bag sale

Lately I Have:
  • Learned lots of new piano chords.
  • Wished that I was graduated.
  • Volunteered at a non-profit thrift store with some friends.
  • Been planning a girls-only-chick-flick-movie-sleepover-night!
  • Been reading The Girl In The Dress.
  • Joined Instagram.
  • Not been on Pinterest much.
  • Been craving Lithuanian ice cream. Somehow it's so much better than ours'!
  • Been getting up early. On accident!
  • Been missing doing photo-a-day posts because of 'technical difficulties'.
  • Skipped piano lessons. Or rather- forgot to practice.
  • Attended a Jan Mulder concert- which turned into a girls' night out at Sara's!
  • Graded blueberries with Jan's sons. We have known them for about 4 years. They were homeschooled and are now attending different colleges around the world, but visit the Holland MI area every summer as a family.
  • Finished this post!   
Have you read "The Girl In The Dress"?
Are you on the new social media trend "Instagram"?
Have you heard of Jan Mulder before?

I will now bid thee farewell.
A new novel is calling my name.
[Not to mention a slightly odorous chicken coop.]

**Calico Sister**


  1. That outfit is cute Rebekah! I like how the blouse is printed with stars. Perfect for July! And that poem is sadly funny. :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Love it, Rebekah! It's soooo cool! (:

  3. I LOVE the picture of the dog! I have 2 dogs, Goldie, a pure-bred yellow lab, and Bella, a black lab, & blue heeler mix. Bella killed my about 3-4 month old bunny on July 30, 2014. I miss him!

  4. Besides 2 dogs, I have, with my family, 12 chickens, 3 cats, and hopefully soon 2 goats, and 2 bunnies!

  5. love the poem :) And your knotted tank is adorable!


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