Monday, November 10, 2014

Photoshoot // Double Sweet 16

Howdy all! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday morning! During my absence, I celebrated the sixteenth anniversary of my date of birth (a.k.a. 'Sweet 16'!). And while the celebration itself was belated (We held a joint party for Melody and I October 25th) this photo-shoot commemorated the day nicely!

I had mentioned the idea of a 'friends photo-shoot' to Sara Van Kampen and it was okayed by the parents that I spend the night so we could spend the evening at Pleasant Hill playing photographer.

 The first location we visited was this ancient apple tree in an overgrown part of the farm. We [ungracefully] scrambled up and attempted to look at least slightly ladylike while the other snapped photos...

 Doesn't she look positively model-ish in this one? I won't mention how she nearly fell out of the tree moments later! Oh, too late. Haha!

 My brother Peter was also staying over that night and had forgotten his Daisy BB gun in the car. So of course we grabbed it for a prop!
To whom it may concern: I realize if that had been a real gun I would probably have a black eye. Just thought I'd make note of that for our readers that are familiar with weaponry. ;-)
[I did hit the apple I was aiming at too!]

 Next we went to a hay field across from the orchard. We didn't stay long because the sun was quite bright to say the least.

 After we took about 30 pictures of a pair of doves that were nesting nearby, we packed up and headed out to the blueberry fields! [Thanks goodness Sara has her license!]
 Mirror selfie... couldn't resist.
 There are dozens of roads on the farm and we decided to take a shortcut through the woods near a place we call the 'the black hole'. Scary huh? None too soon we realized that recent rain had washed lots of sand up in the road, foot deep ruts in some places! We hesitated to stop for fear we'd sink in and get stuck! So, we plowed through and miraculously made it without having to make any embarrassing calls to our boss asking him to come pull us out. Or worse, a parent! Hahaha! Who knew Ford Fusion was an off-road vehicle?!
 Next stop was this pond outlet of the irrigating ditches. Too bad there wasn't a rowboat there!
 In these pictures you can see my hair-do that Sara kindly did for me prior to the shoot. She also did my makeup, thanks Sara! ;-)
 Next my long suffering friends [I hope I'm not posting too many photos! I trimmed down to 51 all the way from upwards of 250 to begin with!] comes my most favoritest place of all, the pine tunnel.

 These are just in the forest. I'm saving the best for last.

 A blooper but I still love it.
 Um, is this perfection?
 Love those last two of Sara!
 And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the second to last location of the shoot, and the most beautiful place I have ever been to; the pine tunnel.

 If you were there, you'd want to run too. Okay, I actually told her to but whatever... ;-P

 Cute as a button... Maybe cuter.
 I'm not trying to brag here but does this or does this not look professional? You decide.
 This is Sara's favorite one, I told her to do a funny pose and this is what happened.

 If you can believe it, this how it actually looks in real life!

 This is my favorite one that Sara took of me...
 Second favorite...
 Third favorite... Actually I love them all.
 The last place we took pictures was an afterthought. We thought we were done when we saw the hay barn and looked at each other,"We can't not take barn pictures!" Or maybe that was just me. ;-)

 Sara trying to accomplish an expression of deep thought like I instructed her to.
 Once inside the barn we were debating whether or not to climb up the haystack and take pictures in the loft when suddenly this happened. Lighting rivaling any photographer studio in my humble opinion!
 We were hoping to find a way to photoshop the hay out and make the whole background black but didn't have any time to. As it is, it is 99% perfect!

 No, I did not have a horrible case of sunburn. Just looks that way... :-P

 Just had to pose with the pitchfork like the farmgirl I am... [Yes spell-check, farmgirl is a word!]

 Beauties... Hahaha!
 And somehow we have already arrived at the last photo.
After I post this I'm heading out to collect eggs, muck Havah's stall, and feed all of my animals. Then Cassie, Peter, and I are being taken to the Christian Neighbors thrift shop/ food pantry where we have been volunteering every Monday. Hopefully I'll find some goodies in the cloths department to share with you all!

Do you have a favorite photo from this post?
Do you wish I would have posted more or less pictures?
Are you a photographer?

~~Aspiring Photographer and Teenager~~

Special thanks to Dana VanKampen for use of her equipment, editing skills, and daughter


  1. Phew! I'm glad you could solve the problem. =) I thought, at first it had something to do with *my* computer - I thought it was really weird.

    So yes... I love your photography! Stunning birthday girls and beautiful smiles. :-)
    I think my favourite picture is probably the one with you and the pitchfork. Or no. I like them all. Can't choose. :-) Ha.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great post and you both are so pretty and have great photography skills ;)

  4. These pictures definatly look professional. I wish I could be a photographer but unlike you I'm not really good at it....oh well at least some of my friends are :) Great Job with this post!

    1. Thanks for commenting Leah! Everyone is different, the world has plenty of photographers that's for sure!

  5. Happy Birthday Rebekah!!!

    You girls must have had so much fun on this photo shoot!! You have really upped your game as of late, and yes, many of your photos look professional. Awesome job girls!!!


    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! We did! :-) I hope someday we can get a good camera [such as the one we used for this shoot] to use for our outfit posts! For now we'll resign to our iPhone one... ;-)

  6. Beautiful photos of both of you ladies! :) The pine tunnel is indeed lovely and you are quite a photographer.
    Happy birthday! :D


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