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Outfit // Snazzy Jacket || Feminism, Good or Evil?

Hi everyone! So, today I will be delving into the topic of feminism. Or perhaps, due to my hardly sufficient knowledge of it, just brushing the exterior... Feminism as a whole is, in my opinion, destructive to females and males alike. The definition of feminism is as follows:
Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies which share a common stated aim: to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.
So, my question is, how can feminism be a bad thing if the sentence above is truly what feminism is all about? 
Okay so, I'm guessing most of you reading this are women. [But if you're a guy you can stick around too.]  That being said, you would probably disagree with me if I said, "Women don't deserve rights equal to men!" But the truth is, we don't. Listen closely now; women, are, not, equal, to, men. Yes, you read correctly. I said it. Women are not 'equal' to men because we are not men. Women are different than men. We are not designed to be the breadwinner, the patriarch, or even the spiritual leader of a family! God made us different on purpose, and in a lot of ways, we are equal to men! We are just as smart, just as capable of independence, just as loved by our Heavenly Father. But are we equal? Ask me any day and my answer will be, no.

You see, when God made the first woman, Eve, He did so because man needed a wife, a caretaker, a friend. He didn't make us to function as a man, He made us to help the men. We are created to be a helpmeet, and men are created to need a helpmeet. This, my friends, is why I refuse to say that women are equal to men. Are you now thinking, "She's not saying that the women of this age do not deserve to vote and be protected under the law is she?!" Of course not! I would never suggest such a thing! We deserve the basic rights of a human being just as much as the next guy! [Pardon my play on words.] I am not contesting that we deserve such things as I have mentioned, but the very meaning of feminism itself!

 Boots- Leather, Goodwill, $5 // Maxi- gifted // Tunic, undershirt, leggings, thrifted 
Jacket- Ambiance brand, "thrifted" // Necklace, gifted
 The roots of feminism are assumably quite innocent. Women had gone through a war that granted what were formerly considered a lower class of citizen [slaves] the right to put people in office, but there they sat at home, cooking, mending, and cleaning their lives away. It's no wonder why women from all across the nation rose up to join *leaders like Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage,and Abby Kelley Foster when they called upon them to fight for their rights! I know I would have had I lived then! But the fact is, women now have the rights *they fought so hard to get. We have for a long time. And what's left of feminism now is a sorry sight. Women keep thinking of more and more things they think they deserve: "reproduction rights"[aka the right to kill their unborn child], "marry" a woman, and being treated as an equal to men in virtually every aspect of life. Such as what jobs they can and can not hold, what sports they play, and not surprisingly, how they dress.

This brings us to my main problem [well, one of many!] with so-called feminists. They want to be treated literally as men, but they also want to be treated as women. Conclusion: that is not possible. So, when men treat them as "one of the guys" in a situation where they want respect as a female, we have a problem. I have to admit, I sometimes have a flair of feminism run through my veins. For instance, when a guy has a slightly domineering attitude when offering to carry something heavy for me, I feel like yelling,"Yeah no thank you! I am just as strong as you, I got it!" But... fortunately this only lasts a split second or so until I realize,"Just let him do it Bekah, it's the right thing to do. He's being chivalrous!"
Now, I also have to admit, since I was a complete tom-boy in my growing up years, I still would rather be part of a nerf war with my boy cousins than sit in my bedroom talking about makeup and who is the cutest male actor. [That was a real life scenario y'all.] So, I have a desire to be "one of the guys" too sometimes and it is only more complicating that I am, I'll just say it, strong. If I were a perfect little petite blond I wouldn't hesitate for a second when a well-meaning young man offers to lighten my load! But I'm not, I'm a tough, five foot eleven, tom-boy turned quiet little mouse [In public anyway], who has never not had sufficient strength to carry whatever load I had to. Where I'm trying to go with this is that I think there's a little bit of rebellion against the stereotypical 19th Century female in all of us, but we would be wise to calm those urges and build up our menfolk, not become one of them. We as women have a calling to be just that, women. Not as the world portrays a woman, but how the Bible portrays us. We are to be Proverbs 31 women! Does a Proverbs 31 woman whine because she can't play football with guys? Does a Proverbs 31 woman dress provocatively and expect men not to notice her? Does a Proverbs 31 woman undermine her husbands authority? No. A Proverbs 31 woman is attentive, modest, hardworking, and most of all, God-honoring.
 So, what is God-honoring? I'm afraid you'll have to find that out from Him and His Word directly. But, I can tell you one thing, feminism as is described here today is not honoring to God. It is a completely selfish thing to be part of, and it does no good for the doer or the seer.

So, my first question of the post was,"How can feminism be a bad thing if the definition 'a collection of movements and ideologies which share a common stated aim: to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women' is truly what feminism is all about?" My answer to you and to myself is that that is not what feminism is all about. No, it is much, much more. In my opinion, it is the main destruction to the society we live in. People are trying to become what they are not in an attempt to comfort themselves, make themselves happy with who they are. When all along, they are missing the mark. The real goal of feminism is to make yourself more happy and comfortable right? More money from your job: more comfortable living arrangements. Getting rid of that responsibility that came in the form of a baby: more time to pleasure yourself. I know it isn't all quite that black and white, but one thing I know is plain and simple is that the only way you can be truly happy is by accepting God into your heart and beginning to serve Him in everything you do.
So, my outfit! The skirt I received from a dear friend, the boots I have had for 3 winters, and the jacket! The jacket I bought 3 days ago from the thrift store I help run once a week. Isn't it grand?! I have wanted one like it for ever! I think this outfit went with my topic fairly well from my perspective because it encompasses my tom-boyish flair, but is still decidedly feminine and modest.

This post took on a mind of its own and has taken me several hours to finish, it is currently 12:21 AM. As you can imagine, I am fairly exhausted and will retire immediately after I publish this!

What are your thoughts on carrying out our "duties" as women of God?
Do you like my new coat?

An Opinionated Girl in a Big World

*THIS is a great post on feminism from a guy's perspective and I recommend you read it!*


  1. I like your new coat and your skirt is pretty!
    I agree with you that feminism (at least the kind that we see today) is definitely not just about making sure women are treated respectfully; it has a far less Biblical agenda. In God's eyes we are of equal value as men and are given the same love and grace, but we have different, complementary roles designed for us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for addressing this topic, however, I respectfully disagree with some of your ideas.

    Statistics still exist that show unequal pay for men and women. Do you believe that it is fair for a woman to receive less pay than a man, simply because of her gender? If two people are working the same job, how can a disparity in salary be justified in this manner? You stated your belief that women can be as smart and capable as men. To me, that would mean women should not be denied opportunities due to their gender. If a women feels called to do work that she is passionate about, I do not believe that her gender should hinder her.

    I have also been troubled by others thinking me incapable of a certain task. You are a strong girl and if you are able to do something, that is not a negative thing. If you do not require assistance, a simple, "I've got it, but thank you for offering to help." should suffice. You can use these opportunities to show what a helpful, hardworking, capable girl you are. That said, I do not believe that it is wrong to ask for help when you need it. If someone offers to aid you in a task and you would like to accept it, do so.

    I, throughout most of my life, but especially the past few years of being a teenager, have dressed modestly. I prefer seeing other girls wearing modest attire, but I try not to judge others for their clothing choices. Their desires may change and they might dress differently later on. My problem is with people who blindly follow trends without a thought. I have not been 'convicted' of it, but I have a personal preference for skirts and dresses. I have found myself wearing skirts more and more, and preferring to leave the house in them. The rest of my family does not share this idea, but I feel moved to do so. How does one know if something is a conviction of the heart or simply one's own desires? This is something that I have been wondering as of late.

    I believe that people should avoid making excess new, expensive purchases when it comes to clothing. I think that everyone should try to buy only what they need or things that they will frequently wear. I shop at thrift stores and adore receiving secondhand clothes from friends. I admire that you girls seem to follow these principles by purchasing used things, sewing and altering your clothes to make them wearable.

    One more thing- If you have ever read a book about societies in history, you will notice that women are largely ignored. Surely the women there were intelligent ladies who achieved great things, yet they were not taken seriously because of their gender. I find it sad that we will never know about them, simply because they were not considered to be equal as human beings. Throughout history there has been much unfairness and injustice. I do not believe it is wrong to question it.


    1. Thank you for commenting, but I respectfully disagree with you. To be frank, unequal pay is a myth. The surveys taken were based on the average income of a women at the end of each year. They didn't take into account deciding factors like how many hours women work per week, and even what kind of jobs they hold positions for!

      I am very very old fashioned I suppose, and I do believe a woman's place is in the home if at all possible.

      It's not that anyone thinks me incapable of a task, I just think we as women of God should encourage our menfolk to be chivalrous by accepting their offers of help whether we need it or not.

      Thanks for your opinions...


  3. Love this post. I agree with almost all of your points. My only point would be one that the anonymous made above - if a woman feels called to work, or even HAS to work (Some women have no other choice,especially if they are on their own or have had a poor upbringing, etc) should she be paid less for a job well done because she's a woman? another point I would like to make is this - in Proverbs 31, the woman is seen working. she even bought a vineyard and works it in verse 16-17! Throughout Proverbs, she is found working! But she is still a wonderful woman, obviously.

    You probably know me rather well just by following me on my Instagram. :) I have felt more called as of late to dress modestly, and I feel like I'm following my personal convictions. I am feminine, but not a feminist. That being said, I ride horses, I work at my farm just like any of the boys, I get my hands dirty because that's what it takes to live my life and accomplish my dreams. By living this life and working, I don't feel any less of a Proverbs 31 woman, in fact, it makes me feel more so. The bible says not to have idle hands! Honestly, I know that many Christian ladies feel led to have children and get married, there's nothing wrong with that, either. Children are a blessing! However, I don't want children. Do I want to be a wife? A homemaker? Yes, I do, more than anything. Some women have different callings.

    I actually did a post on this awhile back, it may clear up my opinion a bit lol! I do agree that Godly men are above women, etc. Honestly I do agree with like 99% if not 100% of your post. :)Just wanted to jump in, lol!

    1. Thanks for commenting Kalin! I don't believe women should be payed less, and I realize some women are forced into situations where they have work to provide for their family. But, I really think the 'women are payed less than men' thing is less than it's cracked up to be. How many women do you know who have that problem? I mean, really. I don't know any. As for your statement of "some women have different callings", I believe a woman's calling is ultimately to serve God in her pre-marriage years, and then serve God by serving her husband and family. If you don't have to work, I don't think you should. Well, I can see we still have differences [as usual! :-P] but I respect your opinions and love it when you comment! ;-)
      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  4. Dear Rebekah,
    Your jacket is lovely; and I agree with most of what you said!
    I guess, my main problem would be in the statement "Women are not equal with men!" If you are using equal to mean "Same" then I would completely agree with you. Women are completely different from men and feminists don't like these differences; such as being weaker, in subjection to men, working at home, bearing children, dressing differently, etc. ! ~ But the dictionary gives "Of the same measure, quantity, amount or number as another. Identical in mathematical value or logical denotation." for its first and second definitions as equal. If you are using these definitions for your statement, then I would disagree. My mother says that men and women are equal but different, and women need to learn to embrace those differences! ~ But of course that was part of the woman's curse, "Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you." We have an innate desire in the flesh to rule men instead of it being the other way around, but, this does not make us in any way inferior to men. And I know you didn't mean that at all! I just wanted to clarify your use of the word "equal!"
    I loved your description of yourself! ~ I am like you in that way that I have never found myself incapable of carrying something when I needed to, but where I live, the instances of a man helping me out are so rare that I'm blown away every time it happens and can't help but let him take it off my hands! ~ Any way; lovely post and thank you for standing against the tide when most others are rushing with it!

    1. Thanks for commenting, have a great weekend!
      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  5. Great post! But I also disagree with a bunch of your views.I agree that woman's rights has gone too far in the recent years but what hasn't? Is healthcare bad just because of the recent laws? Is taking care of pregnant woman in trouble bad just cause some of them are too young and/or have considered abortion? When you look at the history of woman's rights it started out great, you're right but like many, many things in our current world it has become warped. Also I think that how you said men and woman are not EQUAL I again disagree.
    Me and Woman were created with different ROLES in God's kingdom. They were created to be created as equal people, as you said equally smart, equally needed, and equally loved by God. Just because God designed men and women to do different things doesn't mean they are equal. I also think feminism is a way that God designed women no just women's rights. He gave them interests etc. feminism I think is a God given personality for women. A lot of your points are of the current condition of these things. I think that Feminism is just something that has gotten warped not something that is bad if used in a God honoring way.
    Anyway I could probably go on and on but the main point I'm attempting to make is that it's not that men and women aren't EQUAL they just have different ROLES. Great post though! I love how you aren't afraid to share and stand up for what you believe even if I and others sometimes disagree. I would encourage you not to worry so much about RULES! I think that if you spend time in God's word and strive towards him in all you do that doing what he wants you too do and believe with things like this will come with knowing his heart more and more. Great post!

    1. Thanks for commenting...
      I still do not believe men and women are 'equal'. God said men are to be head of their wives, and the women are to submit to them. I, as a woman, can not understand why other women have a problem with this. [Well, specifically Christian women.] Did you mean being feminine is something God made in women? Because feminism is NOT something God is the Creator of. It is purely selfish in nature, at least the modern version. In a perfect world, I would even go as far as to say I believe all women should be homemakers and not have jobs outside the home.
      I can not say I agree with you but thank you for your opinion and feel free to comment in the future!
      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  6. I agree! Amen, Rebekah! I think you're completely right! Ask me anyway, too, and I'll say NO!
    Is it super cold & windy at your house, too? It's bad here!

    1. It isn't too windy here right now [plus we live in a valley so the worst of the wind goes over us]. Thanks for commenting Tori~

  7. Thanks for commenting Abby! I will give the article a look for sure!
    ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters



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