Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Outfit // Striped Cardi

Hi all! It seems like ages since our last outfit post has aired here on the Blog! Even though it has only been two short weeks since I shared one with you. I think that we have been preoccupied with sharing old magazines, controversial thoughts, and our photo a day series, to have another opening on our little schedule for fashion talk. It was a good break really, but I like to have differing posts here on the Blog and you know, fashion has to be one of them.

I decided to take over today's post, which is usually Rebekah's main posting day, for said reason above, but also to give her a little break from scrounging up a new topic to write up our thoughts about. She willingly complied, then I thought, now what to write about myself...

I feel as though I've been a bit distant lately. Maybe I really haven't (let me know!), but I just kinda feel that way. Like I haven't been sharing my real life with you all too much of late. So...

Recently I've tried to get my priorities in better order, like not spending so much time loafing about, but actually being more productive. I'm naturally not that kind of person to be lazy, but I find it happening too often lately. I look back on the day thinking "wish I would have done" too much. Saying that it is "human nature" doesn't cut it with me and I know that nothing is hindering me of doing better. I think that too a part of it is where I am in life right now, like being out of school (lets face it, doing school work occupies a lot of your time!) yet not "out of the house". I don't want to be one of those silly girls who are, (to put it bluntly) just hanging around waiting to get married! But to make the best of the time I have here at my home life. And to further my knowledge even if my schooling is "done". I know people who have high expectations for me and those who think I am just about perfect, and love with where I am in the here and now.

But it's me who needs to set my own goals (with YHWH's leading of course) because I am the one who is accountable for how I feel when I "get nothing done" or feeling "meh" when I have life so good. I have so much, I am overwhelmed to tears by what the Lord has done for me. There is not one person who I need to answer to ultimately, besides Him. And if I need to make more time for things that I know He wants me to be doing, even when they seem so very small, I am the one who needs to hold myself accountable.

Shoes- 70 Post, Goodwill $3 // Cotton half slip- thrifted, $1 // Cotton cami- me made // Dress- Coldwater Creek, thrifted $4 Sweater- Hawkings Gill, gifted // Necklace- Amazon, $12 
Belt- Goodwill, $1 // Silk scarf- thrifted, $1 // Tassels- me made
Throwing this outfit together was quite fun since I knew a few of the items I wanted to wear, like these new nude (leather!) flats and this striped cardigan that I hadn't shared on the Blog yet. Everything else after that, fell together as it usually does; pulled out the rich dark dress, reach for the tan & yellow belt, grab a silk scarf with the same colored yellow as the belt. Ta-da! There you have it, a nice comfy church going outfit! :)


What have your thoughts been on priorities lately?
 Stripes or dots?

Happily yours,
the Elder Writer


  1. Super cute outfit Cassie - look like a fun, retro lady. :) I'm glad you decided to do a fashion post today.
    Oh, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to make the most of your time a single young lady at home. Lately my priorities have been to make enough money to be responsible (pay car insurance, save up for a car) and to pay for the little things that aren't "needs", and to be faithful to show love and serve where the Lord has me right NOW. It's definitely a very confusing time of life, but I believe that if we are seeking the Lord, He will guide us where He wants us to go! :)

  2. Cassie, you really should do some hair tutorials sometimes! Your hair always and always looks flawlessly beautiful.

  3. Love this outfit, and as always, your hair! I think this may be one of my favorite fashion posts on the blog yet, it has such a sweet vintage flair! :)

  4. I love your outfit Cassie! It looks like you stepped straight out of the 50's!
    I too have been thinking a lot about priorities, and reorganizing my time. One thing that I have decided to cut out of my life, for now, is Pinterest. I find myself going there when I have "nothing to do" too often, and not getting actual things done. Hopefully, by the Lord's grace, I'll be able to get more done in the next months.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. Love that cardi! Your entire outfit is so cute and comfy looking:)


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