Friday, January 30, 2015

Photo a Day // January // Week 4

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Hi! Everyone is talking about how quickly this first month of 2015 has gone by, boy are they ever right! How can we be sharing the last installment of January's Photo a Day so soon?! But at least this means that spring is that much closer, and for that we are thankful! Wanna see what we have been up to this past week?
Saturday: This photo tells the whole story doesn't it? It is so so so cute! The kids at church reading their Good and Evil Bibles.
Pictures for PaD January 30 2015
Sunday: we made a puzzle! And we all agree [especially me] that the best part of completing a puzzle is tearing it apart!

Pictures for PaD January 30 20151
Monday: we went bowling [for the first time in many a year!] with church friends! Our finishing scores are not worth mentioning...
Photo a Day Jan
  Tuesday: Dad, Peter and I headed to a local farm to pick up two 4/5 bales of hay.
Pictures for PaD January 30 20153
Wednesday: a few weeks ago I started lifting weights and the little girls have now joined me! It was quite something taking these pictures. ;-P
Thursday: Cassie worked on our new shower curtain for the down stairs bath/laundry room's corner shower! We still have a bit of tweaking to do, but didn't it turn out grand?! Yup, it's made from old channel bedspreads! 

Pictures for PaD January 30 20152
Today: I took the frost photo a few days ago actually, and the other has the goat barn wall in focus and our house in the background. ;-)
What are you doing today? I am finishing up a report on Chester Alan Arthur. Fun fun.

Do you know who Chester Arthur is? 
Do you lift weights?
Do you have a Good and Evil Bible?

~The Younger Sister~

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  1. Great post! We have that exact puzzle! :D <3

    1. Haha! What a coincidence! Thanks for commenting!

      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

    2. We used to have it as well!

  2. It looks like another fun week! I went bowling about a month ago with friends, and it was a lot of fun, though my scores were not worth mentioning either. O.o
    The frost photo is just lovely! :D
    I lift (very light) weights now and then. Today we had some children over that discovered them and thought they were fun. ;)

  3. That must have been quite the riot taking those weight lifting photos! ;)
    Cassie did a superb job on the shower curtain! It looks lovely!


    the Middle Sister and Singer


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