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Peek in the Past // 1932 Sears & Roebuck Pt. 3 // Lady's Coats & Stout Sized Frocks

Peek into the Past 1932 Pt.3 Banner
Hey all! I hope that you are not getting tired of seeing clips from the 1932 Sears & Roebuck yet! Because if you are, there is so much more to see from this catalog that I'm afraid you may get quite bored! But if you are one still as excited as when I first shared from it's pages, well then, hop abroad to see a collection of mainly lady's coats from all shapes and sizes, and we'll see if we can't get the bored ones enthralled again with a few pages more of ladies frocks to boot!

Pages 16 & 17. Though most of this collection will feature coats as I stated, I though I'd include some of these dresses that sectioned together for the more stout ladies of this era since there are only four pages worth. I think that the first style catches my eye here the most. It reminds me of the sports wear one was to don back then. I think more because of it's coloring here than it's cut, but also those tucks on the skirt front. Let's see what the description reads: This sleeveless dress and its contrasting jacket are made of our softest, roughest, heaviest, All Silk Shanting. I read through the rest of the ads for the styles on page left and it seams that all these dresses were made of either crepe, rayan crepes, silks, and chiffon.

Pages 18 & 19. So here we are again with a little bit more of "the same". Yet I think that these look a bit more comfortable than the others we just looked at above because they are made of a more layed back cotton crepe. Look at the necklines and the flare of the skirts of "F", "G", & "H" and see how more carefree they appear. A couple favorites for me from these open pages would have to be styles "C" and "K" though upon viewing style "D"'s wonderfully scalloped collar line, the choice gets much more difficult in saying which one I would actually choose.

Pages 20 & 21. Ooh, here we are with the first batch of nice long coats! I just adore the nice tall illustrations on page left. Style "B"'s salt and pepper materiel would have been so wonderful to slip into when snow began to fall. Oh, and look at style "F" and the floppy bow on it's collar! And remember, any of these could go for The Greatest Coat Values of all Time, The Lowest Prices in Coat History....

Pages 22 & 23. This one page on the right up above is probably my ultimate fave of today, as far as graphic design goes. The figure furthest toward the right is just wonderful to look at! The snugly slouched hat and printed scarf are just too neat! Umm, a favorite one here? Uhh, maybe "A". It's one of the more expansive coats on these pages, but not too much more it's worth in elegance. Oh, but don't overlook the fur collars on style "C"! Yikes, but look at that price! 

Pages 24 & 25. Oh my! I nearly forgot about the verity displayed on these two pages! Oh, there is so much to look at, too much to choose from! Starting off with style "B" on bottom page, it's a Silk Back Transparent Velvet, queen of all materials. The draping on style "F" caught my eye as well, The very latest in style deserves the newest in fabric, so we've made this Puff-sleeved coat of soft, knotty-surfaced, All Wool Boule. Many will welcome the return of beltless style, particularly when the back is draped so beautifully. *Squeal* Look at style "L"!! At first glace I thought it to be a vibrant leopard print, then as I looked at this photo above as I began typing this up, I thought, is it actually floral? I went to double check by grabbing the delecate catalog from it's place on my hope chest. The description confirmed my hopes: Leopard-- that bright, rich fur beloved by the young and vivacious-- is skillfully copied in this velvety mercerized cotton fur fabric jacket. The banded waistline buttons snugly, the waist blouses over it over it slightly in back. You all know how much florals are favorited by me. But, oh, it's so daring, so period and wonderful! (And just to point out also, styles "G" & "H" are three piece suit sets!)

Pages 28 & 29. Here are some nice practice choices to end with. I can see these warm woolen items being used for occasions like shopping and less formal outings. That is unless you were looking for a more fancy coat like style "H" whose description reads, Genuine Broadtail (lamb)-- that short haired, rippled fur you've always thought so expensive ... used on warm, soft All Wool Crepeolaine to make our finest coat for Stout Woman. Black with Beige fur.

Well, us three older siblings are off to our volunteer work this morning, at the local Food Pantry and the Thrift Shop that helps support it. I had to miss going in last week, so it will be nice to see all the people that we work with there today. It's also nice to find treasures in the thrift store too. Heehee. ;)

Which coat would you have chosen?
 Do you do any vonlunteer work?
I want to know! 

the Elder of the Two


  1. Which coat would I chose? Definitely style A!!! It is just SO elegant! And j'adore style G on page 25. The three piece suit is just too too!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. This is Amazing!



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