Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo a Day // January // Week 3

 Photo a Day Banners
Hey all! Right now I am feeling like we've been 4 hours behind all day due to our staying up far too late talking and having a grand old time with a friend who came over for dinner! [Oh the humor that occurred...!] Well, on to photo a day, which, I should mention,  I {Bekah}am taking back over after Cassie's short and sweet handling of the series!
(Last) Friday:  Dad tuning his [green!] ukelele that he received from Mom.

Saturday: The little girls had a mini tea party for their Bitty Babies, I'm afraid they both need a few more lessons from Miss Manderly!

Sunday: Cassie working on a Magazine Monday post late at night, on my bed!

Monday: my Aunt Wendy was kind enough to take us with her to this riveting documentary, along with a few other members of our church group that attended. It was very informative, y'all should check it out!

Tuesday: the ducklings are no longer ducklings, and have a ravenous appetite at each feeding!

2015 Photo a Day
Wednesday: Peter and I were left at the library while Mom and the rest of the clan spent a few hours baby-sitting some of our younger cousins.

Thursday: dishes being done by our youngest sister Melody.
Well, the weekend is upon us! As I type these last few words, I hear the vacuum running; see dishes being rinsed; and smell the none-too-pleasant aroma of the trash fire... Everyone scurrying about to finish chores that should've been done before now! ;-P  Soon we'll settle down for the evening, study this week's Bible discussion topic or listen to music... Aren't the days of rest wonderful? 

Did you see Patterns of Evidence?
Does your Dad play an instrument?
What is your favorite part of the weekend?

The Second Eldest


  1. Looks like a fun week! My favorite photo is probably of the dollie's tea party. :)
    How neat that your dad has a green ukulele! My mom bought my Dad a guitar for Christmas several years ago. He knows the basics, but doesn't really play. Maybe someday? :)

  2. Loving these photos, especially the one of Cassie working on the post and the one of the ducks. I'd love to have you link-up to my photo-a-day post, if you'd like to! :)


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