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What We Do When Church Has to Cancel

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Happy day to y'all! I thought it would be fun to share here on the Blog, a few fun things the sisters and I did last week sabbath while the rest of the crew had other things to attend. Some of these may strike your fancy (face masks anyone?) as being a girl of our age and same interests, but quite a few have to do with family in general or, as I said having a fun day with your younger siblings! Maybe you will get an idea for the next time you are snow bound and need something restful to do too! So welcome to spending a day with us as we celebrate the Sabbath and day of rest at home, in the many different ways as you'll see below!

When Church is Cancelled Beauty
Take some beauty time. Since it was just going to be us four girls at home for the afternoon, I thought it a good idea to start out the day with something nice and refreshing! Plus the younger two had been begging me to do said thing with them again. I grabbed a few of my favorite (natural!) face scrubs/masks and commenced applying them to the youngster's little faces. It was much fun as you with younger siblings can only imagine! And quite nice to have the extra time for some of those masks that like to sit longer than you really have the time for in most cases.

When Church is Cancelled Craft
Cook up that craft you've been wanting to do! So since my cleaning job has taken up at least two whole days a week for the past 6 or so months, I've neglected spending much time with the two youngest. You know, like let's make this together etc. Not completely, but more than I'd like. I knew the day that I would be in charge of the household, during the day of rest, would be the best time to get out of that rut. As soon as we had patted our faces dry of our Bentonite Clay and Grapefruit masks, I set out for a project to occupy the mid of our afternoon. I was thinking along the lines of somewhat "spiritual" yet fun and educating (I should have sent out a homeschooler alert before that sentence! Ha ha!!) when the thought of teaching the girls a word of Hebrew crossed my mind. I quickly viewed my Hebrew Colloquy Pinboard before making a final decision of what that word would be, before one of them piped in that our first "lesson" should be the word love. It was quite fun showing them how in Hebrew you begin from the right hand side instead of what they are now used to, the left. And just showing them what little (very little mind you) I know and learning together the beautiful language. We learned the names of the letters used in the word by making ourselves write and rewrite them over and over. I gave them a few tests before we set out to make the final product to then hang on the wall. Scalloped edged scissors, paints, and glues where spread out everywhere!  

When Church is Cancelled Worship
Worship and sing together just as a family. As the afternoon turned to evening, we were all ready for some quiet, more relaxed time (the girls had also spent a while sledding outside) so we decided to gather around the piano while Bek plunked out one hymn after another as the girls' little voices sang out with us older girls' more tuned ones. It was jolly fun and so nice to worship together in such a way. Though at this time we were certainly missing the rest of our crew. Ah well, twas still a great time.

When Church is Cancelled Word
Read the Bible together. A day without reading just a word from the Holy Book, is a sad one indeed. We were sure to read through the Proverb of the day, then let the littles recite a few memorized verses before letting them exploit in reading to us from their beloved comic book-like Bibles from No Greater Joy. Oh how wonderful to hear their little voices reading from the Word of God Himself!

When Church is Cancelled Tassels
Make tassels together! Not too long ago, Rebekah shared with you all our thoughts on wearing tassels and the Biblical principal behind them. (Make sure to check out that post HERE if you missed it.) Most of the time, if you see them at all, they will be worn by adults, but not too much by children themselves. After having a vast interest on their own about the tassels our dear sisters requested they be taught how I had been making them and what the Word said about them! A smile spread across my face. What dears! Since I first showed them the technique just a few weeks back, they caught on quickly like little minds do and now make many of their own sets completely themselves! I love that I can share this wonderful past time (I usually would make mine on a Sabbath evening anyway) now with them.

When Church is Cancelled Games
Play games together! This one is kind-of a given, but I thought I'd throw it in for fun! ;) We play tons of games in our household no matter the day, there is sure to be one left one out somewhere until the players "have time to finish". On this particular day, once Mom and Dad returned home from doing a labor of love, Dad started up a game of good ol' Monopoly that lasted the rest of the weekend! Games are a fabulous way to get to know others' personalities and learning to work together and along side others! They are so much fun! I don't know what we would do without our trusty Apples to Apples Bible Edition! A lot more nonsense that's what! Ha ha!


Thanks for stopping by all!

What do you spend time doing when Church has to cancel?

May your Sabbath be filled with joy,
the Elder Writer


  1. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing day with your sisters! :D Bentonite clay masks are a familiar sight - they feel so good. ;)
    I'm not sure that my church has ever canceled services in my time (no snow), but we have stayed home due to illness or fatigue before. On days like that we usually will have a family Bible reading or listen to an online sermon in lieu of church services. :)

  2. This was absolutely wonderful! This has to have been my favorite post next to your room tour! This was so inspiring.This is perfect for a sabbath day activities after church. We usually play board games or read aloud but this is great! I really want to try the hebrew colloquoy now!

  3. Hello!
    My name is Evelyn, I am becoming very interested in Jewish tradition. I am curious do you take Sunday as a work day like the other days of the week or is that too a rest day? My family worships and rests on Sunday so I was wondering what it would be like on Sunday for your family.
    God be with you,

    1. Hello dear! To get right to your question, yes, we in-fact do take Sunday as any other day of the week more or less, now that we have come to believe that keeping the seventh day (Saturday) holy is what God wanted His people to do. I am happy to know that you too are interested in the ways that our Messiah did indeed live, but please tread lightly and be sure to test everything with the Word as your guild, as many of the Jewish laws and traditions are exactly what the Messiah came to do away with because they complicated the ways of our Creator to the point that they were missing the message completely. Thank you so much for your comment!

      A typical Sunday for us now is simply what most Saturdays are for most people! Maybe go on a quick shopping trip, play games together, work on the up-keep of our home etc.

      If you have any other questions, please do ask!

      Much love!
      the Elder Sister

  4. What a lovely post. There was an ice storm this past Sunday where I live and I wasn't able to go to church. I wish I had checked blogger that day because,even though I don't have any dry young siblings, a lot of these are great for young adults and the other ones are easily adaptable. :)


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