Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfit // Somewhat 30's

Hello there! I had originally penciled in this outfit post to be shared on Saturday, but on second thought, I realized it better to save it for today since we have a full day ahead and had such a busy weekend. So yes, I have kept myself at bay, waiting to share this outfit with you even though I have been looking forward to it, like alot. ;) Want to take a peek?

Outfit  Somewhat 30's
Firstly, I am stoked that I have not blogged a post yet this winter with my grey beret in tow! I have worn this cap so much this season that I am afraid that some of my family members may be getting a little tired of it. Ha ha! Oh well. I just love wearing it so much! I'll let you in on a little secret, I found a light green (!) hand-knitted beret! I will surely be posting an outfit with that one soon! It's so perfect! ;)

The rest of this outfit has a bit of a story behind it which is much more interesting than an average outfit storyline. It's mainly from the quaint little handbag pictured above. You see, this past summer our family made sure to attend a local Antique Market more times than we had in past years (it's only every last Sunday of the month) just because we had differing people hop a ride with us when it was most convenient for them, and now that we don't have super little kids it makes something like this that much more easier to attend. So at one of these times we were at the Sale, I spotted this darling purse, all wrapped up in old tissue, neatly stored in a shallow box. I was hesitant to ask the price since it was in such great condition, but am I glad I did! Not only did the saleslady ask for just $3 to take it off her hands, but she proceeded in telling me what she knew about the little bag. She explained it had been her Mother's and she had treasured it, keeping it in mint condition since the day she had bought it in 1929. She told me she had carried it with her the day her beau asked her to begin courting which lead to their marriage just a few weeks later! Isn't it nice to know the story behind what vintage things you find? I just loved hearing that!

The rest of my inspiration for the skirt cut and shoes (though a heel would have been more appropriate) came from all the posting I have been up to with Peek and the Past. I guess I have been just thinking late 20's-30's clothing because of all the photos I've been looking at from that era of late. And that has lead me to finally deciding that the 30's is my favorite vintage (not historical girls!) decade. Soo...When I found this loosely knit striped crop-top sweater, I knew I wanted to style it in a way that said "30s". I had just watched a Walton's episode too where one of the actresses wore a wonderfully striped sweater (always looking at the fashions y'all!;) so that brought the striped 30's style to mind. I included a couple photos that show what I mean in a collage below:
 Somwhat 30's Inspiration Collage
I made sure to give my hair some light french braids (with dampened hair) before hitting the hay the night prior to wearing this outfit, to let off some finger curl looking waves without going to the extreme. It didn't turn out super grand (as well as I'd liked), but you can kinda tell I tried. I'll give it a better got the next time... With the rest of my length I just swooped it toward one side and circled it up and around, winding the ends twice more around the base and tucking them under, making sure the roll was tight and smooth. I was actually quite happy with the profile I ended up with. 
Shoes- Goodwill, $5 // Slip- me made // Skirt- Thrifted, $3 // Blouse- Old, $5 (?) // Striped Sweater- Thrifted, $2 // Purse- Vintage (late 1920's), $3 // Beret- Liz Clayborne- Thrifted, $1

Well friends, I'm off to polish up around the house before our guests head over for a gathering here later tonight. I'm also corresponding with a couple different ladies about some fabulous things that are to come on the Blog soon! I can't wait to break the news to y'all, but I have to! Ha ha. You will have to wait till next week to find out. :) (Oh, and later on in March about the other.) ;)

Do you like berets?
Do you see 30's in my outfit?
Have you watched The Waltons beofore?
 Let me know in a comment! 
Blessings and love,
the Elder Writer 


  1. I love the Waltons! We recently watched one from Season 6. Have fun tonight!

  2. Love the story behind the purse! This is such a great outfit - definitely seeing 30's. I love to wear berets/tams/hats. :) I think I may have watched a few episodes a long time ago.

  3. Your hat is adorable! I've been on the lookout for a slouchy beret, but haven't had any luck...perhaps I'll just have to make one. I sometimes enjoy listening to episodes of the Waltons in the background when I sew (although John Boy is a little too, er, romantic and falls in love a few too many times. =P )

  4. I love your outfit Cassie, and that is such a darling story about the purse! Oh, and berets? Love them! You definitely pulled off the 30's style in your whole outfit, and even your hair looks 30's! Lovely job!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. This outfit is *really* cute!! and those shoes! :)

  6. This is such a pretty ensemble, Cassie! I adore the toned down red hue of the striped in the sweater, and the skirt and beret are absolutely 30's perfection. And I can't get over how delightful your hair turned out! Just beautiful, as it always is! :)

    Thank you for sharing the story of the sweet lady who once claimed that purse as her own. How precious; and how wonderful that you now get to have such a treasure in your keeping!

    All smiles,

    Jessica, the eldest sister & singer

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  8. This is beautiful Cassie! I do see the 30's in your outfit. What a sweet beret and fun sweater.
    I haven't owned a beret since someone made me one when I was small (perhaps there's one to come), but the style is very cute on you!

  9. i like berets, I've crocheted berets, but I never wear them. Maybe I should change that. This style certainly suits you! I love the shoes, even though they don't have heels. And, yes, I have seen and I love the Waltons. I've even seen Spencer's Mountain, the movie with Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara that was based on the same family. (I like the TV show much better.)

  10. Hi girls! Thanks ever so much for each one of your comments! I absolutely adore hearing from each of you!

    Much love to you; Tori, Natasha, Bree, Brigid, Tashia, Jessica, and Jill! You all made my day with your kind words!

    the elder sister

  11. I'm a hat fan and when it comes to winter beret's are my go to accessory. Very cute updated 30s look!


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