Friday, February 6, 2015

Photo a Day || February || Week 5

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I am writing this in a short break from picking up around our giant house, while I hide in the basement! ;-D In the next 3 days we have; church of course, a baby dedication to go to, a birthday party, and we are hosting a women's craft night at our house! Which is the reason we are scurrying about cleaning, packing up unneeded supplies from our in-the-process-of-being-built kitchen, and scrubbing everything we can get our hands on!
Saturday: our extended family [cousins, aunts, and a few cousins of cousins!] had a lock-in at our Grandparents church building!
Sunday: some nice young guys helped us out by plowing our driveway! They were paid with fresh homemade brownies of course!
Monday: Cassie and I went to a friend's house up the road to work out together! It was quite something walking in the near dark with a wagon filled with weights and an exercise ball! Also, I finished writing some extra pages for my schoolwork report on Chester Arthur!
Tuesday: our yummy coffee cake dinner!
Wednesday: I went on a trek through our woods to see where these fox tracks led: right up to our house! Hopefully we'll be able to catch or get rid of this one [which we suspect is the mate of the one that caused us so much trouble last winter!] with the help of a friend who is experienced in snaring these beautiful-but-pesky animals.
Thursday: I did a LOT of work outside, and shoveled about 20 tons of snow off our paths [at least that's what it felt like!] out to our barns in case any of our guests on Monday care to see our barns!  ;-)
Today: miscellaneous; the dilapidated book corner before I cleaned it up, a gorgeous painting I found on Pinterest of Yahshua as the Lion of Judah, and my scrumptious mandarin orange!
Ach! I have just finished cleaning Havah's stall, the rabbit cage, and the chicken coop! I am a mess! Haha! The weekend is far from over, so, I must leave you now and go back to helping in the kitchen, where, as always, we are cooking and baking up a storm for the upcoming festivities! As of now, we have three meals planned and being made!

Does your family bake a lot?
What are your plans for the weekend?
Is there snow where you live?
Do you like the picture of Jesus?

~~the younger sister~~


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