Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Outfit || Patriotic Winter

 Hello there residents of February 2015! The year is already 1\12 gone, can you believe it? Well, today I am going to be discussing... nothing! I was on a controversial topic spree there for a while there wasn't I! But I will be showing you an outfit that I wore to our Sabbath meeting last week!

What was I thinking here... maybe,"Can I put my wonderfully warm coat back on now???"
IMG_8948  I got these plain-but-perfect Merrels at the thrift store for, you might want to sit down, $1! We forgot to take pictures of them during the shoot, so I had to just snap this before jumping into the van to go!

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I'm so glad I bought this shirt when I found it at, you guessed it, Goodwill! I wasn't quite sure because I don't usually like sparkles\rhinestones on my clothing, but I think the black really tones them down on this particular shirt. Plus, who doesn't love a red, white, and blue eagle?!

The shirt itself is actually pretty modest, but as is my policy, I wore an undershirt. Come summertime, I may even be 'brave' and wear it without a cardigan! You see, I never wear short sleeves. It just makes me uncomfortable! I don't know why. But the sleeves on this t-shirt are fairly long, perhaps long enough for my taste! ;-)

 I can't believe I haven't worn this skirt in an outfit on the Blog yet! A friend from Christian Neighbors [the place we volunteer] was cleaning out her closet and wanted to give her extra-tall cloths to someone she knew would make good use of them, me of course! I love maxis!

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  Of course, you have already seen this jacket once, [HERE] but unfortunately, those photos were not very good quality, so I'm featuring it again! Everyone has commented on it since I bought it, and I wish it was better quality! It is only "pleather", so I'm afraid it won't last very long. Though, it has already endured having soda pop spilled all over the outside, and recovered from a rigorous scrubbing without blemish!

Well dears, this post was rather boring compared to my last three, was it not? I will have to do something about that! I promise my next post will be thought-provoking, hahaha! Comment something that you'd like to hear my opinion on, and who knows, it might be my next topic!
Well, farewell my friends!

Have you had any clothing disasters involving food lately?
Do you like maxis or shorter skirts more?
Sparkles or no?

The Younger Sister


  1. I love Merrell brand shoes, they're so comfortable (pricey new, but I have a thrifted pair as well. They were 1 or 2 dollars, which is wonderful because I like good quality things but I dislike spending money! My pair has held up for around four years with regular wear.)

    I like maxi skirts, especially full ones for that lovely, old fashioned feeling when you wear them. I usually wear shorter (knee to calf length) skirts for everyday things because I find them more practical for myself. I think the problem is that a lot of maxis are made out of thin fabric so I'm afraid they'll get caught on something/torn easily.

    Anyway, I have been a pretty regular reader of your blog for a couple seasons but have not yet left you any comments. Here are a couple post ideas/topics I'd love to hear your thoughts on...

    -My favorite post on your blog is the room tour, so I would love to see you expand upon that (updated tour for 2015? Video tour? Where did you find the decor-- the lamps, candle holders, calligraphy brushes, etc?) Another idea-- a post on what's in your hope chests. Or a tour of your wardrobe, I'd love to see your collection especially since it seems like you have lots of cool thrifted finds. Do you and Cassie share clothes/a closet?

    -Talk about modesty standards. I am strangely fascinated hearing about other girls' ideas on what's modest, haha. Maybe because it varies so much? For one person, 'modest' is right-above-the-knee shorts, for another it's floor length skirts. What are your modesty standards? What are Cassie's? What are your parent's rules on this topic? How should one go about developing their standards? These are all questions I'd love to see you answer in a post on this!

    -What are your thoughts on makeup/beauty stuff. Like, what makes piercings, make up, hair dye, etc. overtly vain vs. 'just enhancing your natural beauty'?

    Hope these ideas give you some blogging inspiration!

    1. Thanks soo much for commenting Kitty! We love hearing from our readers! Expect a post in the near future answering some of your questions!

  2. You look so beautiful Rebekah! That shirt is very fun, and I love how you paired it with the red maxi.

    Hmm... Ideas for post topics... Your girls' thoughts on head coverings.

    the Middle Sister and Singer


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