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Elgin Trip // What Cassie Got

Hey there! In long anticipation for most of you, I'm finally checking in with a part of our trip (What I Got) Bek, our Mom and I took to Elgin Illinois mid last month for the Cat's Pajamas Production; Vintage Textile/Jewelry Show & Sale! (Where did March get to already anyhow?) So without further ta-do let's see what I came back with!

 // This & That //
CCP // What Cassie Got
The trip/sale was two days. On that very first day, that evening, I found a box of bakelite hair items which is where I found the two pieces shown above that are decked with stones. I ended up leaving them that night (even though I ADORED the 30's black hair "pin") and then purchased them that following morning. Boy am I glad they were still there! Aren't they grand? Oh, and the hatpin I picked up that same day from a different booth that we got a TON of our loot from. I loved the design on the end and the fact that it was extra long. I can't wait to pin on my straw hat with it this summer! :)
CCP // What Cassie Got
One thing that I was hoping to find while at the Sale was a Red Cross pin. Not because they are necessarily hard to find (I've seen tons of them) I just thought it would be neat to finally pick one up while on our little trip. So as I was rummaging though a button box I found one! Not only that, but a Red Cross uniform button! (We actually saw an ENTIRE Red Cross suit while there- with the same buttons! So neat!) I also bought these 1950's glass screw-on earrings from another booth, which have already proven to be very versatile and fun. 
These girls, are something that I had not come across before; lipstick samples that look like match sticks! I picked up a couple even though I don't think they are actually too old, just because they were different. Plus you can still use the product! Haha! And let me tell you, you have never seen truly pigmented red lipstick till you try this stuff!
I found a brand-new pack of mid 50's curlers! Which I have yet to try. *pout lip* Oh and yes, the Sale is where I found the July, 1908 Designer I shared last Magazine Monday. ;)

// Clothing //

CCP // What Cassie Got

CCP // What Cassie Got
Ta-da!! The find of all my finds! And the very first thing I handed money over for! I still am just. completely amazed. at this find! Can you imagine finding a pair of 1930's shoes that are just your size? In this condition? For $20?! I was stoked! I thought for sure I accidentally read the tag wrong; missing another zero or something. But nope! All mine, boxed, sealed, and delivered!
At the same booth (though the following day) I decided to grab this fun tiered 50's sundress, because I was/am, really trying to get my dress collection number up. And I could see myself sporting it a lot in the coming warm seasons.
Ooh! Another fave! Though now I am fairly certain this is a remake, I just fell in love with the 20's easy going flair of this dress. I believe most (if not all) of the materials are period. The collar and such- just love it! Plus I really have nothing from the era so that made it a go. It is quite a bit big, but nothing a little taking in won't fix and it really should be a loose fit anyway to fit that decade. What do you think? A fabulous 20's/30's outfit with The Shoes and this frock soon? I'll have to make an appointment with my photographer. ;)
This dear was such a treat as well! Not even one tiny moth hole can be found in this 50's taffeta party frock. Oh and how well it fits too! Now just to find the perfect occasion to don it for! Isn't that beaded inset just beautiful?
Oh yes! Haha! A few underpinnings! I almost didn't share finding these two, but then thought "why not?". I'll make it quick for you though- No.1 A girdle. There is nothing more terrible (well hardly) than wanting to actually wear seamed stockings and not being able to because you don't have the proper, uh, things shall we say. Let me be the first to tell you; tape does not work! Ha ha!! So, I finally got this- my troubles are over. (It is pretty stretched out, but at least I can now keep my stockings up! AKA, from looking like I inherited elephant ankles! Haha!) No.2 Split legged pantaloons. These are NOT vintage at all, someone just made'em, but I needed some for during Civil War muster time so I bought them instead of having to worry about another thing to make during that busy time. That was not too bad was it? ;)

// Sewing //
CCP // What Cassie Got
OH yay! The belt buckles! I have slowly worked my way through my small collection of vintage buckles and really needed to restock. Wonder of all wonders, there were quite a few there so I choose a few from the 30's since that is the decade I am most enthralled with at the moment. Which one do you like to most?
CCP // What Cassie Got
This cute little sewing guild I thought would be a great help while trying to learn more vintage sewing techniques. It's from the mid 50's actually and so it is a bit more simple to understand, making it a sort of bridge between vintage decades and now. It's just really basic, but nice.
 CCP // What Cassie Got
Oh and yip-yip! I came back with quite a few goodies, but this is diffidently a grand one! I went back and forth so many times trying to decide to bring this little lady home or to leave her behind. But ugh! I just kinda had to, *ahem* get it. :) 1920's patterns are actually fairly rare at least with all the pieces so I was pretty pleased at the end of the day that I did bring it back with me. And yes, that is just 6" measuring that one side so it's a pretty adorable size/shape too. ;)

So there you have it dears! Thanks for being patient while I got this post together! Life right now is just a bit busy! Haha! Much love to you, my vintage loving gals!

What things have you specifically looked for at a sale like this one?
What do you like the most from what I brought back?

Ta-ta friends!
Until next time,

the elder writer 


  1. Oh my goodness, I adore those shoes! What a swell find!
    I'm looking into getting more vintage apparel, so this was a great post to read for encouragement. :)

    Samantha, thesnowwhiteblog.blogspot.com

  2. Oh, Cassie. I don't even know where to start - every single thing you bought is AMAZING!! I literally love it all. So jealous. :)
    I can't wait to see what you put together with all of your new vintage goodies!! Congratulations on finding such amazing stuff! :)

  3. Great finds! I really like the gingham sundress and celluloid buckles.

  4. What great finds! those shoes are amazing and the sun dress looks wonderful for summer! I really love those lipstick samples. I think I may have too look around and see if I can find any for sale online. You certainly collected quite a few treasures!

  5. Everything looksso vintage and cool! I love it!

  6. Hi Cassie!
    I thought I commented yesterday, but I guess not! If this is a duplicate comment, please feel free to delete it. Anyways...
    Your finds are positively amazing Cassie! To find 30s shoes, in your size, for $20 is positively astounding! You absolutely MUST do an outfit post with them and your new 20s dress. You MUST! Oh, and the lipstick samples are too fun!
    On another note, thanks for sharing everything you did, including the undergarments. It brings to my mind a mental argument I've been having with myself about my undergarment sewing. I can't decide if it would be immodest for me to post about, say, a set of 1940s undergarments that I made (not modeled of course), and if such a post would even benefit anyone. What do you think? Do you think it would be immodest to post about such things when the majority of our readers are women and girls? I mean, I make and post about practically everything else I sew... I would love your input!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. I can't wait to see you make up that 20s dress pattern!

  7. Hi Brigid!

    Haha! You actually did comment twice; I just hadn't published any of them yet. I hope that the comment box was not giving you any trouble! It means alot to me that you would re-express yourself in case your last thoughts had been lost. xx!

    Thank you so much! I know, it was soo fun! :)
    Yes, I will definitely do that photo shoot! I think we'd better get right to it as the outfit is much more Spring/Fall than Summer. And I definitely don't want to wait till Fall! But it is more Fall-ish...I don't know. Ha ha! ;)

    Brigid, I know exactly what you mean! I think that sharing those projects would be very profitable for us followers of your sewing. Finding help along those lines can be very hard and I know that you would be the prefect one to do a very well and moderate job of it! Thank you for asking me!

    Yes!! I am currently trying to find the right fabric for the style etc. Yay! ;)

    Love & blessings from your friend,
    the elder sister

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement Cassie! I am going to think about doing such a post as I mentioned, and we'll see if it doesn't come down the line in the near future. :)

      Yay! I can't wait to see your finished dress once you find the fabric and make it up!


      the Middle Sister and Singer

  8. Oooh, you found a lot of fun things! How neat to find those heels for only $20. :) I like that black party frock - I hope you find an occasion for it!

  9. Everything is just lovely, Cassie!


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