Friday, April 10, 2015

Photo a Day || April || Week 14

April showers bring May flowers, (Tulips hopefully!) and for us, lots of busyness mostly because of the construction of our kitchen. So even though we have begun putting separate posts together for The Project, pictures of it have some how seeped into Photo a Day as well. But since that is what our life mainly consists of right now, I guess it's okay!
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Last Friday: we had a Last Supper/Passover meal and foot washing with our Church family. It was such a beautiful and touching time. We will remember it always.
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Saturday: our purple crocuses bloomed.
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Sunday: we went to a party for our cousin's 12th birthday! We bowled and laughed for hours, it was epic.
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Monday: some Church guys came to lift in the soapstone counter tops among other things for The Kitchen. Their help is SO appreciated!
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Tuesday: we put in the sink. More on that to come!
Photo a Day // April // Week 14
Wednesday: more friends helping out on The Project; priming cabinets.
Photo a day April 10 2015
Thursday: much brushing ensues for horse owners come Spring- especially Bekah!
Photo a day April 10, 2015
Today: Jazmine [our cousin], Emma, and Mel- Michigan kids for sure! Bare feet and blankets!

Now, I  must apologize to y'all for missing my last Why I post. The time keeps slipping passed so fast! I surely hope I will be able to bring you a new one next Wednesday! But since the kitchen is our main priority right now, you'll forgive me for my tardiness in posting- I hope! ;-) Well, we have an exciting day tomorrow- church bonfire night! Plus our regular services and fellowship time = a good day in my book! We do so enjoy spending time with our "family"!

Have you ever been just too busy?
Are you tough enough to go barefoot in 48* weather?

~~the tardy blogger~~


  1. This looks like another good week! :) Hurray for progress on the kitchen!
    Yeah, I definitely wouldn't go barefoot in 48* weather. ;) Temperate climates aren't good for toughening one up.

  2. 48* = bare-feet, of course!! When you are desperate for summer, you are desperate. It's just part of being a Michigander. ;)

    Bree @

  3. Oh my goodness... I am from Florida and cannot even imagine bare feet in 40 degrees! Florida definitely does not have the stereotypical hot weather all the time like everyone thinks it does (our winters get below freezing), but I am so used to warm weather throughout the year that it just doesn't seem appealing to me!


  4. Looks like you guys are busy with work and fun!

  5. Oh, I remember the days when the snow was finally melted and even thought temps were still pretty chilly, Becca and I would be out jumping on our trampoline, in socks, or bare feet sometimes. Fun to see the update on your week!


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