Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photo a Day || April || Week 13

Hello Spring! Oh, and you all too! ;) Though we are still surrounded by brown trees and dead looking shrubbery, we are beginning to hear the sounds that only Spring brings. Chattering squirrels, children running about playing in backyards, and little bird calls how ever soft they may be. We crack open the windows to smell that fresh scent and then wrap up in blankets when dusk comes. With Spring here we find ourselves celebrating the sacrifice of our Savior, working on our homestead, and doing every day things. Spring is so wonderful!

Photo a day Spring Grass
Saturday: we began to see little bits of grass popping up in the yards around our house. Bek caught this right after we had a light Spring rain on the little green sprouts.
Sunday: our Aunt & Uncle brought us lunch since our kitchen is uh, not there/unusable right now. :) We loved visiting and their little kiddos adored the kittens too!
Photo a day pics
Monday: (Ahem, sneek-peek to this week's Kitchen Update post.) we brought in alot of the kitchen's cabinets from the pole barn and this was the very first one that we hung!
Photo a day pics
Tuesday: we took a trip to town with our Grandparent's mini van.
Photo a day Fell In Love 
Wednesday: Rebekah was asked to help out at a farm who had over 100 little preschoolers coming for a tour/see all their animals. She absolutely LOVED it and hopes to continue helping out with their many different events/care for their large verity of animals which includes this beautiful Freisian horse named Gracie.
Photo a Day // April // Week 13
Thursday: a few of the guys from our Church group came over to help bring in the kitchen islands AND the soapstone counter tops! We are so blessed by their help with "the big stuff"! :) That piece of counter top weighs over 300 pounds!

Okay friends! Now it is your turn to let us know what you have been up to this week! 

Much love and Happy Spring,
the elder sister 

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