Monday, April 27, 2015

Photo a Day // April // Week 16

Happy Monday! Life is funny, funny in how it persuades you to forget to do things (like write up Photo a Day posts) or to do things you never thought you would (like staying up half the night talking to someone you've never met). But it is so amazingly wonderful, no matter how "weird" things seem to be it's a comfort to know Who gives us such happenings and how He orchestrates them for His glory. Making all those thoughts of life come together and make sense in the end. 

Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Friday: the skies were once again blue, leaving us in hope of the Summer that is on it's way.

Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Saturday: our neighbors found a dog in a nearby ditch and dropped her off for us to look after while we both searched for her home. Though we had a really great five days with her, we ended up finding her people and had to say farewell. :( Such is life.

Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Sunday: we basked in warm sun and took the kittens out on leashes. We're living the life out in the boonies y'all! Haha!

Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Monday: heading to volunteer at the local food pantry we help out at each Monday, with milk cup in hand.

Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Photo a Day // April // Week 16
Wednesday: Rebekah was able to help out at the farm she talked of in our 
last post and had a blast again. Boy is she ever loving it! 

I know a few photos/days are missing, but sometimes thats the way it goes! :)

I've been coping much better with my nannying job this past week, but the days are still long and I am sometimes stressed about it and come home a grump. (To put it bluntly! Ha ha!) I never did anything to be born into such a loving family that I have been. No, they are far from perfect, ha, so am I! But I am so blessed beyond explanation to have them around me when I've had a long day, or sometimes, to just be left alone by them! I find myself so grateful, and humbled that the Lord would choose such people to be mine. :)

Have you ever found a stray dog before?
What are you learning to cope with?

fondly and ever yours,

the elder sister 


  1. Loving these post, Ladies! :) I have to ask, where did you get that extremely cool lime green hoodie!? I love it! *sigh* let me guess a wonderful thrift store find? :)

    Rebekah aka snippets of my beautiful life(just in case ya wanna know who I be :D)

  2. Hey, finally got around to reading your blog :-)

    Tell Bekah she looks cute. Haha

    I miss talking to you on snapchat.


  3. Beautiful pics! What farm is it, that Rebekah works at?


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