Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Finished! // Independence Day Skirt

Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Hello all! I trust and hope that the holiday of our dear country's birthday of freedom found you well! I'm excited to share with you the outfit I sported for the grand old day, not only because we had a fabulous time with this photo shoot (even with the dreadful swarms of mosquitoes), but because one item in particular that I'm sporting has been on my "list" of things to create for quite some time now. Take a gander won't you?

Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
So, as I briefly stated in my entry, and if you have not already guessed the "particular item", it's this skirt! It was something I have been aching to draft, cut, pin, & sew for at least a year now. With all the ta-do of just getting back from the mission trip, making a skirt out of a tricky scrap of material was just about the last thing on my priority list last summer before the 4th. Thankfully this year though I was able to throw it together in due time.

I also had a dress that needed to be quickly drafted and sewed for the occasion as well for a friend/"client" of my little on the side alteration business. Once again I feared that I wouldn't be able to get around to my project, but in the end both items were finished and perfectly on time for the festive day.

I adored this fabric as soon as I saw it bundled up in a local thrift shop. I simply knew I could get something out of the odd yardage, but what I really had envisioned was a circle skirt or at least a half circle. That too was a factor of it being put off for so long because really that's all I wanted out of it. Kinda one of those projects that you really don't even want to work on because you know that the end result is just not what you'd wanted to produce. Well obviously I put those thoughts aside and went and drafted out a simple barely half circle skirt pattern (more like a flared A-line :P) and whipped out an old card of red bias tape for the hem and threw in a 2" waistband. (Both of those factors were a huge help in insuring a modest length since I had little fabric to work with.) I'm very happy with the turnout, especially how fabulous the hem looks!  This was definitely my best handiwork of hem tape, let me tell you! Haha! Especially on a rounded edge! :)

Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Shoes- Dansko brand, thrifted $6 // Skirt- me made // Blouse- borrowed from Bek // Necklace- Amazon, $16 // Hair Pins/You-Pins by Lilla Rose in Princess Tiara, $14

Our day was spent with some family friends of ours and their relatives. The blessing we have to be free to assemble together leaves me in breathless wonder in what we have done to deserve such an honor when so many others live without such luxury. More so the pain of others suffering such a loss of said honor because I surely know that this freedom we may not deserve was also well deserved by those who made it be so for us. It's their memory and sacrifice that leaves me solemn and teary eyed yet filled with overwhelming humbled joy.
There is no doubt I love this land, God bless the USA.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt
Its Finished! // Independence Day Skirt

What did you wear for the 4th?
How did you spend your time?
What was the last project you completed?

So long & farewell,

the elder sister & writer 


  1. That is a beautiful skirt!! I love it, it is so fun!!


  2. These pictures are fabulous dreamy. I love the skirt you made:) I have always wanted to make a 4th of July skirt but never got around to it.

  3. It's good to see you on the blogosphere again Cassie! You look beautiful and patriotic. :) I like your hairdo.
    My 4th was filled with random things. We walked the dog, I went to visit my best friend at her family's celebration, went for a drive/blog photo shoot, and had a visit with a couple of friends in the evening. :)

  4. That is such a delightful skirt Cassie! And I love it paired with that delicate blouse.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. Good to have you back in the blogosphere again! :)

  5. You have the most amazing hairstyles! Could you do a tutorial? I know that you ladies are super busy, but you have the most amazing hairstyles!
    Elise Wheaton

  6. For the 4th we went to the Paw Paw flea market, and antique store-shopping. Wore red, white, and blue of course. Got rabbits AT the flea market! Shocker!


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