Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Funk + Fab || Casual Outfit

                                                                                                   Hey all!
This Sunday I wore something very similar to last Sunday so I decided to use a casual outfit that I wore to a birthday party on Saturday. 

The party was at a life-long friend of ours' farm. So I didn't want to wear something I couldn't visit the the animals in! [Which is nearly inevitable for me!]... Our snow is slowly disappearing into the slowly thawing ground. And this morning I was awakened by a flock of Canadian geese returning for the summer! YAY!!!

I got this skirt last week brand-new [At a thrift shop.] with the tags still on! Both the color and fit are so nice! I'm so glad I found it and that we have thrift stores! We don't know what we would do without them. [Probably make all of our own clothes!]

I was so happy when I discovered I didn't have to sew up the slit in the back,which is usually inevitable!
(It sort of looks like I did though!)   ;-P

It was extremely bright and windy, a sure spring day- hence my pasty white face.
I have had this purple/green spaghetti-strap tank forever but I usually wear it with a long-sleeve under it. This time I decided to wear this silk [Yes, it's 100 percent silk.] quarter-sleeve over it instead...
I got these brown Justin riding boots for Christmas but have only worn them once because they don't have very good traction on snow...

I love using different effects on photos! [This is a mixture of 'lomoish', 'cross process', and 'infrared film'.]
Boots- gifted from Mom // Skirt- thrifted, $3 // Green undershirt- have had forever, $? // Purple/green strapless- Goodwill, $3? // Blue button~up- gifted, free! //
                         I especially like that the button-up has long slits on the sides so you can see the purple!
  • Slipping on a banana peel for the first time in your life.Because it was dark and it was on ice in the chicken pen!
  • All of the trash that emerges from under the melting snow. We have recovered two of our wheel barrows so far!
  • Waiting in the van until the rest of your family comes out of a thrift shop and the car next to you will not start.The lady gets out of the car while her husband sits in the passenger seat and she is trying to open the hood that is stuck.Wondering if you should get out and help her (and gently give the husband a piece of your mind) she finally wriggles it open and starts it from inside the hood- without assistance. And then being glad you didn't get out and embarrass yourself.
  • Taking turns reading out of Esther for Sabbath meeting and stumbling over the Hebrew names.
  • Wearing a jean jacket to a dance and hardly being able to move our arms. Not making that mistake next time!
  • Having the main bath tub faucet of your house break and then not being able to turn off the water to it. So you have to turn off the water to the entire house.
  • Being glad that a new friend's mom spilled her coffee as they were getting ready to leave so that you can talk longer. Naughty!
  • Wearing green on 'St. Patrick's Day Sunday' without realizing it.

  • Our new groups of friends- it really has been wonderful!
  • Everyone's patience while we began learning the dances for the Dutch Heritage show last night.
  • Little sisters' hugs.
  • The fact that we got our passports paper work complete yesterday! The lady was so helpful and efficient. Now we are just praying the photos pass their inspection.
  • Having your horse start shedding huge clumps of hair- a sure sign spring has not postponed it's arrival! 
  • Being able to find a certain fabric that you need in the clearance bin! Yay for Field's Fabrics' $3.97 stash!
  • Having your thrift store check-out lady ring up a short dress you wanted for a tunic as a shirt before you even had a chance to ask her how much it was priced for!
  • 'Simply Lemonade'. Does anyone else share my obsession for it?
  • Our current list of questions that have already been submitted for our hundredth post-Q+A project! We have such a great variety! Don't forget to leave a comment with your own before you miss out!
  • Finding a super summery dress while thrifting! I am so ready to wear it!
  • Receiving your first letter from your new pen-pal. And realizing all the more how many great people are out there fighting the same good fight as you!

                                                                                        Thanks so much for reading!
Most of the funks and fabs are written by  Cassie this post. [I had too much schoolwork so she did it...]  Don't forget to leave a comment with your question for our 100th post!


  1. I love the combination of jean skirts with boots!
    Haha, slipping on a banana peel! I can honestly say I have never done that!
    I love the effect you used on your 6th and 7th photos!
    Have a great day! :)

  2. My questions are:

    What time in history would you want to travel back in time too?
    What's your favorite part of blogging?

    Fun post!

  3. Cute outfit, Rebekah! It's so nice to find things that fit well in thrift stores! I like your riding boots. :)
    Oh dear, it's so hard to read aloud from the Bible when there are many unfamiliar names involved. You just sort of plunge ahead and try not to get too embarrassed (not that everyone else knows how to pronounce them either). >.<


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