Friday, July 11, 2014

July || Photo-a-Day || Week 21

Wow! This was the first time I missed photo-a-day in 20 weeks! First I missed because I was in a different country, then because we were settling back in and I did not have the pictures to post anyway, then I was too busy. I know- excuses excuses. But now I am getting back on schedule with this series! Here are my photos from July 2 through 11! I also added a few from when I was *MIA! [*Missing in action!]

June 27: Naomi [our Pekin duck] actually hatched 5 ducklings! Sorry the photo isn't the greatest... I took it in a dark barn with the flash on.

June 28: a beautiful rose bloom.
Wednesday July 2: Peter's baseball team had an away game so we brought hotdogs and had a mini tailgate party for dinner! BTW, they won 19 to 8!

Thursday July 3: some lilies at the house Cassie watched over the weekend... It is just up the road. ;-)

Thursday July 4: Emma and Mel with Maggie, an adorable labradoodle pup Cassie was taking care of for a few days for our neighbor. [At the house.]

Saturday July 5: #1 a Texas sheet cake my Mom made! #2 A friend playing 'Wooly Willy' in our van. #3 Our patriotic conversion van. #4 A 'weed'.

Sunday July 6: I went to Sara's house! We watched Bonanza [Classic Hoss expression!] and later, saw this cool tree frog on the window!
Monday, July 7: I started a new journal and a new book! [Y'all should read that book- it's great!]
Tuesday, July 8: a toad is a toad no matter how small. [Or large.]

Wednesday, July 9: baseball season is upon us! I'm loving it! By the way, my brother's team is undefeated so far... 7-0! We have another game on Friday, let's hope they do well! Did that sound prideful? I hope not... :-D

Thursday: when Mom was out she said for us not to go online or watch any movies... After Melody finished all of her chores, piano lesson, and schoolwork she wrote Mom this note. :-)
Today, July 11: this is Shasta, we are watching her for a few days while Aunt Wendy goes to Ohio to welcome a new granddaughter into the world!  Her name is Nora Anne.   ;-)
I have to go! Sorry to leave you so soon!
We have to clean the house before a baseball game tonight and... lots of other stuff!
Thanks for reading!

~~Calico Sister #2~~


  1. Cute goat! I know your Aunt Wendy! She's my mom's friend! Ask your Aunt Wendy about a Mrs. Diane Wunder, once, and see what happens!

    1. I know she knows y'all! ;-) I did a post of what I wore to the book sale- wish we could've taken pictures together! It would have been fun! Thanks so much for commenting Tori!

    2. Thanks for your reply! I had my camera that day, but forgot about it! SORRY!

    3. Another thing! I'm having trouble getting my comments up! Maybe it's me, but others could be affected! Sorry to bother you! Tell Melody I understand!

  2. Cute ducklings, huge toad, & tiny toads! God sure likes variety!


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