Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outfit // Independence Day \\ Bekah Edition

I can't decide if this is a belated or early post... Why? Because as a homeschooler I know that the actual date our founding fathers decided to declare independence was July 2 ! And it wasn't actually signed until August 2! [If you want to know MORE] Anyways... here's what I wore to sit in the dark itching mosquito bites and watch the menfolk set off *small explosions! {*Fireworks.}

Since Sara's house is right across the road from Pleasant Hill Farm, we hurried over to take pictures on the two-track driveway before the festivities began! 

I am so glad this outfit turned out! For a while, I was at a loss of what to wear. I had planned this outfit ahead of time but then remembered the zipper in my skirt had given out last time I wore it. Fortunately, Cassie had time to replace it before we had to head out!

#1: a firework.   #2: the beautiful and perfectly coordinated flowers on my shirt.    #3: I saw this bandana on my bed and thought,"Why not?"    #4: my shadow.

These boots were more of 'red~ish' color than my regular ones so I opted for them instead. And...
...my other ones are...used well. And Havah's stall is clean if you get my meaning... 

A perfectly timed photo of a firework turned out to look like a heart!

As I finish this post, I can smell dinner just about ready to come out of the oven. I have my pets to take care of and a book of my choice to read. I can go to church when I want. I can tell people about a man who gave His life not just for His country, but for the whole world! I have...freedom!

What did you do to commemorate the declaration of independence?
Which of the quotes was your favorite?
Did you wear our flag on the 4th?

~~Daughter of the Bravest Son~~

Psalms 33:12 "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage."


  1. Ooh, you look so Western and patriotic! :D Nice job.
    It was fun that you added quotes to this post. I think my favorite was the one by George Washington!

  2. I love the outfit and the post :D

  3. So pretty, love the boots! I always love wearing my cowgirl boots with most all outfits.
    Keep posting!!
    God Bless-
    Hannah Sue

  4. Oh wow! You are that close to Pleasant Hill Farm!? That is so awesome! Have you ever visited there? I read Joan Donaldson's book "Weeded to the Land". Have you? It I'd REALLY good!! :D You are so blessed to be so close. :)

    Julia Ryan


    1. Hahaha! Have I visited there? I work there year-round! More in the summer because of the blueberry season... That is so cool you have read Joan's book! Yes, I have read Wedded to the Land. There is actually a picture of me at the barn dance in it! ;-) If you'll allow me, I must brag that I have pre-read a book of Joan's that is not on the market yet as well! I'll tell her you liked the book! ;-) Thanks so much for commenting Julia!

    2. That is so cool!! That must be so much fun to work there! :D Aww...too bad I had to return Wedded to the Land! :( The next time I go to our library I'll check it out again and look for you. ;) Oohh! And, if I may ask, do you like the book? I cannot wait for it to be available for me to read, you lucky duck! ;) Really, thank you! Maybe one day I'll be able to go there myself. :) ♥

      Julia Ryan♥



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