Monday, December 16, 2013

Something Dressy | Modernized 30's and 40's Holiday Attire

Hey dearies! This weekend went smoothly. Though I don't think that I have mentioned on here, (oddly enough) we have been practicing in our Grandmother's bell choir the past month to participate in a small group which was to perform their selected songs yesterday. You may have read through the grapevine of comments on other blogs of our slightly rare endeavor. It has been so much fun! We focused on the main notes ( with color coded bells :) ) this year, but we would love to take it a step further next year!

Our Church also had a special service this week since Christmas is just a breath away. For the past few years we have had either groups or families bring forth a 'gift' for the entire Body, whether it be to sing, play an instrument, recite a Bible passage, or even pass out goodies at the end of the service, we all have enjoyed it so very much! It is a great option for a small country Church. :) Since our family had been battling the flue and colds these last weeks, we did not have enough time to prepare for our usual singing, we will be happy if we get to follow through next week.

Despite our still recovering throats, we lasted through our leading of 'Jesus Loves Me' and made it through the actual play at our Grandparents' Church, which we also had parts in!
All to say we had a very (long) enjoyable week!

The wonderful dress I found last year right before the holiday season. I was thrilled! I had not had a special Christmas dress for a few years! I would prefer it slightly longer, for modesty reasons, but for seven dollars, who can complain ? If I thought it was too 'if-y' I would not have bought it.  :)
I love the slight 20's/30's look the drop-waist gives off. It is so fun to have a dress that is both modern and has a vintage vibe to it. It was amazing that just a few months (I believe) before finding this dress I had found a silk vintage drop-waist slip to wear with this, making it just a dream to wear!  :)
To keep the simple pre-depression look going, I wore the shoes that we recently bought. They have a small wedge/heel and a simple Mary-jane like strap. I have a pair of more 1920's-looking heels, but I really feel that they were not *modest enough to wear with this short skirt. (*Because they are fairly tall.) Rebekah wore the shoes last week which you can view here. These are most definitely going to be a great staple for us!
One of my Mother's life long friends, out of the blue, presented me with this necklace! I took the chance to wear the beautiful piece! It was so lovely of her! Adding my pearled bobby pins (see how to make them in a link below) was a a no-brainer. :)

I could not decide whether to curl my hair and leave it down or vouch for this beloved style. Obviously I ended up with the pin curled styled updo. I am glad that I did, since we had so many events to attend to,
it stayed lovely all day with only a bit of fixing in-between. Plus I got to enjoy the curliness today! :)

 Shoes, thrifted/sale, $1.40 // Tights, gifted // Slip, vintage drop-waist, thrifted, $3 // Dress, thrifted, $7 // Shrug, thrifted, $4 // Necklace, 1928 brand, gifted // Pearl bobby pins, made by me

A pair of borrowed heels (from Mom) really made Rebekah's outfit come together! I had originally bought the skirt to alter for my own use, but it fit Rebekah so wonderfully that we both decided she needed to wear it at least once before I go scissor happy with it! :)
Didn't it turn out beautifully ?! I love that she chose gold accents. And the red ribbon was ingenious!

A different blouse probably would have brought out more of the 40's flair had to offer, but hey, this is what she had!  :) Sometimes it is what it is...
Here Bekah's eyes were probably frozen shut. ;-)

                         We fashioned her hair in a loose gibson girl tuck for the evening performances.
                                      It looked perfect for the 40's feel to the rest of her outfit.

 Shoes,  Clark's, borrowed from Mom // Stockings, thrifted, .50 // Slip, cotton skirt, thrifted, $3 // Skirt, borrowed from Cassie, thrifted, $3 // Undershirt, thrifted, $2 // Shirt, Old Navy, thrifted, $4 // Heart Locket Necklace, $1// Ring, gift-free! // Headband, gifted

While on Pinterest a few days ago, I came across a blog that had this background. Boy was I happy when it was from 'The Cutest Blog on the Block'! Yay! A free, super cute design for the Christmas season! I adore the crowd of carolers the most! What do you think ?

                                                        What do you wear for dressy occasions ?
                                                  Have you been in any plays/choirs yet this year ?
                                                    Hope that you got a great start to your week!

                                                                              In Christ,
                                                                  the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. What lovely outfits girls! Your dress is lovely Cassie, and Rebekah I love your headband! What do I wear for dressy occasions?... Hmmm... I typically wear one of my church outfits, or even an outfit/or dress that I wouldn't wear to church just because it's not quite suitable (i.e. a bit too bright or whatnot to be up front playing piano, etc.). I can't wait for Christmas! I just finished wrapping my first present last night. Cutting it a bit short, I know. :)
    My sisters and I are going to be singing in a nativity scene for our Voice Teacher's recital. Can you guess what part we're playing?
    I'm pretty excited, and I think it will be fun.
    The new background is lovely, and SO perfect for Christmas. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I love the outfits, so classy and vintage, very Christmas'y! And the new look for the blog is to die for. :) How lucky to have found a cute, free background-vintage, no less!!

    For my fancy attire in the wintertime, I tend to stick with my vintage dresses and maybe a pair of tights. :) We've finished up our main Christmas plans, so now, all we have left to do is sit down and simply enjoy being together and the holiday. :)

    I hope you all feel better soon!

  3. Vary pretty outfits! And I love the Blog background! How did you get the snow?!?! It's so cool! :D

    1. Thanks Ellie!
      I completely forgot to mention anything about the wonderful snow! Isn't it SO cute!? After seeing a couple blogs with it I asked one blogger friend how she got it and she willingly gave me the HTML code for it! :) So, yes it is separate from the background.


    2. That is cool! Maybe I'll try that! :D

  4. Hey there ladies!
    You both look absolutely charming in your red Christmas attire! And I am swooning over your dressed up locks! So beautiful!

    We too have been recovering (still!) from the past cold, and I am not liking what I see ahead of us as far as our Christmas recital Brigi mentioned above! But who wants to complain over petty things when it is the glorious season of our Savior's birth? So I will sign off with a very merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

    Happy new year too!


    The eldest sister and singer

  5. Your outfits are so lovely and festive!! Love the retro vibe! And you hairstyles are wonderful!

    This past Sunday our church had it's Christmas Cantata. I sang in the choir and my brother both directed and acted in the play that went with it. We performed Ron and Shelly Hamilton's The Greatest Gift. Some of my friends and I stayed at the church all afternoon, doing each others hair, preparing for the cantata, and laughing a lot. :) It was so much fun!
    And next Sunday is our Carols by Candlelight evening service. My bro and I will be singing a song for that.

    As far as Christmas attire goes, I'll be wearing my plaid Scottish outfit next Sunday. I'll share pictures on my blog. :)

  6. You girls look so Christmasy in your outfits! I got some plaid skirts this summer that I haven't worn yet... maybe I can get some outfit ideas for plaid from you all.
    My family and I went caroling at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site last Saturday. My sister and I were also part of an English and Scottish dancing demonstration. By the way, do you all dance English Country Dancing at all?
    I have a fancy ball gown for fancy English Country dances... other than that my outfits are normally pretty casual.. although some people seem to think that simply dressing in a skirt is dressing up... if that's the case, then I'm dressed up most of the time :p
    Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! The falling is snow is such a special touch! I love it that you have decked your blog out for Christmas... it is really nice!
    God Bless and Merry Christmas,

    1. Hey Natalie!
      We currently only square and contra dance.And that is a minimal amount of knowledge
      We were looking into going to some groups to learn more, hopefully we will find one close to home and start attending in the summer! .
      Thanks for being a faithful commenter!


  7. You ladies look wonderful! I love the vintage festiveness of your outfits and hairstyles. :D I think you should consider doing hair tutorials some time. ;)
    Also, I like your Christmas blog makeover! I think I might have to do some "decorating" myself.
    As far as the questions you asked, coincidentally, my latest post answers them! :)

  8. Love, love, LOVE the drop waist dress! Please to a tutorial on your hairstyles!

  9. I love your outfits and your new background!!


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