Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Outfit || Vintage Spring

Oh, the joy shifting the computer around! That is what has kept me till now with this post, but our taxes had to be done sometime. And I will say Bek and I get more than our fair share of it's hours since we have started blogging.  Oh well...

The end of our week and most of last week, what with our first Dutch Heritage show practice and events of the weekend, have been rich in meeting new friends. Our home Church is quite small so we have been taking up extra opportunities to meet like-minded families. We were finally able to attend a Saturday Sabbath meeting that has actually been meeting in the basement of our Church. It was great to do something different and actually get to know some of the people that we just happen to either know their name or have seen at just about every homeschool event. We are looking forward to making it a habit, in addition to our regular services on Sunday morn.

This darling outfit set was also given to me at the same time as the skirt I wore a while back. I had nearly forgotten all about it until I went looking for the other valence I made (now that I have the curtain rod- I can't find it! Unusual and frustrating for me) in our old dress-up trunk. This was stashed in the top because ever since I got it I was for some reason going to let down the hem and I was always at odds with the situation that the blouse didn't have sleeves.
Covering up the wonderful button and pleat work seemed a shame, but wearing a shirt under it didn't set right either especially if I didn't want it to look un-historic. :)
This time I just decided to wear it the way it was. This sweater kind-of hits the wrong laying spot, but I felt like wearing it and it showed a decent amount of the seamstress' work. I'll have to experiment with different undershirts and sweaters and maybe do another outfit with it! 
Shoes- Cambell's brand, thrifted $3 // Stockings- ? // Pantaloons- vintage handmade, gifted // Skirt and Shirt- handmade, gifted // Sweater- J-Jill brand, thrifted  ? // Camisole- made by me

A head full of pin curls is a great alternative for long haired people who are dressing the period of 40's or 50's. And when your hair refuses to lay accordingly.  :) 
Rebekah and I are coming up on our one hundredth post! To kick off a moderate celebration, Bek had a great idea that over this week we take up questions by you readers and on Monday answer them! It may be as personal or as silly as you choose! So- if you have been wondering something for a while, now is your chance! We will also be 'advertizing' it in one of this week's post titles, so that everyone will get their chance!

Oh and those of you who have been ever so concerned with our trip, today we are being sworn in and signing our official pass-ports! A mile stone in our preparation to be sure!

                                                       Don't forget to leave a comment with your question!
                                                        Have you visited any new churches or groups lately?
                                                                          Have you ever gotten a passport?
                                                         What do you like or dis-like about my outfit today?
                                                                                            - Cassie
                                                                              the Elder sister and Writer


  1. What a lovely outfit, Cassie! The color of the dress and the style of the shoes are my favorite parts. :)
    It's so fun that you got to visit another church family! I recently started a class at a church with a group of a people including some that I know and some that I hadn't met before. :)
    My question is: What is one thing each of you would like to be skilled in that you currently are not (perhaps something you have never done before)?

  2. I just adore your hair, Cassie! Wow! That is so beautiful...your outfit is gorgeous as well! =)

  3. What a beautiful outfit! I love it!
    (Early) congratulations on your 100th post! I'm close to that mark as well! Here is my question for you and your sister:
    What is one item of clothing you have never made but would love to attempt?
    We visited a lot of churches while we were searching for a new one. Thankfully we found one and it is nice to finally know where we are going each week!
    No, I have never gotten a passport.
    What do I like about your outfit...Everything! To be specific, though, I love that color on you!

  4. Awesome on your 100th post!!!!! My question...hmm... I'll have to think about that! :D
    I love your hair!! You'll have to do a post on how to do them! ;)

  5. Wonderful ensemble!
    I just love green vintage dresses. It looks great for spring. You wear it well. I love your knee socks especially. And the shoes are so cute!
    Honestly, i have never thought about wearing a head full of pin curls, thats a good idea!
    So neat you're getting passports. I've never been out of the country so i've never had one.
    Can't wait to hear more about your Dutch Heritage show!


  6. I think your outfit is so cute Cassie! And I LOVE your shoes!
    Hmmm... My questions for you all would be:

    What is your favorite food/meal?
    What is your favorite color?
    What would your dream house look like?
    Where is the dream location you would want to live?


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Oh what a gorgeous outfit! I love the color combinations!
    What is your favorite book out of all of the ones you read?
    Who is your favorite classical music composer?
    Have you ever read Swiss Family Robinson?
    Have a sensational day ladies!
    In His Joy,

  8. Hey there!
    My questions are-
    Cassie, your hair always looks so nice! Is there a certain reason you always wear it up?
    What a your current plans after graduation?
    What are your favorite school subjects?
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  9. Hello Cassie!
    Lovely outfit! I will agree with the other commenters that the color of your dress suits you nicely. Did you wear it for Saint Patrick's Day? It looks like there are little retro shamrocks printed all over the dress! And again, you have done a fabulous job on your hair. :)

    What are your girls' favorite quotes?
    What is your favorite place to visit/travel to?
    What is your favorite animal?
    What do you have to say about courting?
    Do you have many Christian brothers to converse with at Church besides your own?
    If you could go anywhere without a budget in mind, where would you travel to?
    What is your favorite childhood memory?
    What is your favorite CHAPTER in the Bible?
    Who do you admire most in your life?
    What activity brings you the most joy and satisfaction?
    What is your favorite historical era?

    This is going to be so fun to getting to know you sweet gals a little better!


    Jessica Boyer

    1. Hey Jessica!
      I actually just realized last night the fact that I wore green on on the perfect day!
      Completely unintentional!

      Thank you for the questions!


      the Elder Sister and Writer


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